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Just a quick note before you launch into the Landcare Catch up.
If you were our 'Friend' or followed out open page on facebook over the years, you need to go to a new page. 
A couple of months ago Central West Lachlan Landcare's Facebook page was frozen by Facebook. After numerous attempts and many hours, we decided to start fresh and we now have one, open facebook page which we use regularly to update the community on not only what is happening specifically for CWLL, but what is happening in our community that ties in with the ethos of Landcare. 
This is our new page: @CWLLandcare 
We are still on Twitter at @CWLLandcare
We also have a new profile on Linkedin at: Central West Lachlan Landcare Inc
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Thanks to those of you who have made the switch and we look forward to the rest of you joining us.
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Central West Lachlan Landcare - working for Landcarer's across the Parkes and Forbes Shires

Click the link below to go directly to each item or browse on down....
- Central West Lachlan Landcare in the Parkes and Forbes Community 
- CWLL working from Forbes on Wednesday's between 9am - 3pm in 2018
- New CWLL Committee for 2018 (18 October 2017)
- NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference (25 - 27 October)
- Skillset Green Army Graduation (31 October)
- Skillset Gala Dinner and Environmental Partnership Award (2 November)
- Gerald Carnie Award at the NSW Landcare and LLS Conference
- Parliamentary Friends of Landcare (14 November)
- NSW Landcare Council - Marg representing the Central West
- Member for Orange, Philip Donato visits Back Yamma (17 November)
- Sustaining Landcare - the Next Chapter (policy statement by Landcare NSW)
- Soil C Quest
  - check out the presentation by Guy Webb at the Conference #dirtydeeds
  - check out the crowd 'farming' funding campaign with heaps of project info
- Transition to Soil Health Workshop (March 2018)

- Just a couple of extra things worth a look

Central West Lachlan Landcare have had a productive 12 months. It is often hard to put a true value on the worth of Landcare, particularly when there are so many variables and we come into contact with a vast number of individuals and groups, both small voluntary community groups and large operators, Local, State and Federal Government. 

Did you know that each Landcare group is its own entity, but we work cooperatively across our Region, State and Australia wide. We are a registered not-for-profit organisation which means that the we run totally to support our communities.

Many of you would know, we were fortunate to apply for and secure funds for half of a position (or what is referred to as .5 of a position) over a period of four years. This position was sought through the Local Landcare Co-ordinator Initiative that was negotiated between Landcare NSW and the State Government and is supported by Local Land Services. After many years of struggling through each financial cycle, this has provided some relief and we are endeavouring to use these funds to keep Landcare as a long term, sustainable entity, providing services to our community. As with virtually all funding that is provided, this requires regular reporting on our outcomes and achievements on several levels, which provides a good gauge for measuring the effectiveness of the program.

Parkes and Forbes Shire Councils agreed to additionally support us through the provision of a vehicle and $10 000/year for three years (to compliment the support given by the State Government through the LLCI program). 

When we are not involved in the day to day workings of an organisation it is easy to think that these things could be taken for granted and not fully recognise the benefits that the Government and other supporters (including members) receive from such an investment.

We hope that the following information will give some clarity to the value that Central West Lachlan Landcare have given back as a result of these partnerships. I was trying to look for a better phrase than 'bang for your buck' and found 'return on investment' and 'more bounce for the ounce', 'value for money' 'cost performance' (makes me sound like a car). The reality is that for any organisation these days, regardless of if they are not for profit or not, is that people want to see what value is being received in monetary terms, but we all know that there is more to life than money.

To give a bit of scale to one of the projects that we have undertaken, being the Green Army Programme, over the past 18 months, this program has brought between $275,000 and $300,000 to the Shires of Parkes and Forbes in various forms. This is just one project that has happened as a result of the tremendous partnerships built on as a result of the LLCI. As mentioned, we recognise that when working with Landcare the benefits are often hard to measure because we are often acting as enablers, educators and on a platform to promote our region, gain on-ground benefits for our members, community and just generally make our area a better place to live. 

With your ongoing support, we can do amazing things over the next 12 months and build on the fantastic achievements of the past 12 months. We recognise that for some in our area, the past 12 months has been a challenge, and that the next 12 months is also likely to offer up some more challenges. We hope that we will be able to assist in any way that we can. 
ON THE MOVE....most of us are able to operate from nearly anywhere these days. I am the same, as long as I have my lap top and mobile. 
Now that our Skillset Green Army Teams have concluded, we are looking at new opportunities in 2018. Marg will be working from Forbes on Wednesdays between 9am and 3.30pm. I am in Forbes and surrounds regularly, but want to make it a regular commitment now that we have the opportunity. We will have further details in our December e-news.
At the Central West Lachlan Landcare AGM on 18 October in Forbes, we elected two new members to our Committee.
Our Executive is as follows:
Chair: Margot Jolly
Deputy Chair: Gavin Tom
Treasurer: Margaret Haddin
Public Officer: Ben Kerin
Secretary: Maree Yapp
Making up the rest of the Committee:
Michael Chambers
Jack Farthing
Darrin Kopp
Cr Barbara Newton (PSC)
Cr Michele Herbert (FSC)
Without these volunteers, Landcare would not be able to function as it does in Parkes and Forbes Shires.
25 - 27 October 2017
At the NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference in Albury we enjoyed listening to many speakers including Dr Karl Kruszelnicki who gave us an interesting presentation covering topics such as economics and biodiversity, the economic invisibility of nature, private profits and public losses, future direction for food production in relation to soil health, soil degradation, the tipping point in terms of global warming and a peculiar method to reduce CO2.....hence, the opportunity below for Guy Webb and Mick Wettenhall to discuss with him some other solutions for carbon sequestration that won't involve hideous commercial plants (not plants in the soil). Find out more here.
We were thrilled to see the Gerald Carnie Memorial Award for keeping the Landcare flame alive, presented to Robyn Watson at the NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference. It was great to have Lorraine, Ryan and Jarrod there to present the Award. Find out more here.
31 October 2017
Our third and final Skillset Green Army Team finished on 31 October. This undertaking over 18 months has been very rewarding both in terms of being able to deliver on ground works in both Parkes and Forbes Shires and also for the 14 young 17 - 24 year olds who have completed the Programme. Over this period of time, the programme has brought approximately $275,000 to the Shires through project expenditure and wages. Of course, this is another project under the Landcare banner where the full value is difficult to estimate, because there are carry on benefits in terms of the training and preparation of these young people for careers and even though we see the initial undertakings such as apprentiships, traineeships and employment when they leave, we know that being part of such an undertaking will enable them to follow many paths that they might not have anticipated when they left school. We wish them all the best for the future!

Find out more here.
It was a pleasure to have Skillset Representative John Fry with us as well as Cr Karatiana from Forbes and Cr Pratt from Parkes.

Skillset Environment Partnership Award

2 November 2017

At the Skillset 35th Anniversary Dinner, Marg was pleased to accept the Environmental Partnership of the Year Award as a result of our productive partnership with Skillset Environment working with the Green Army Teams. 

After 18 months working with the Team at Skillset, we were thrilled to be recognised with this Award and look forward to working with Skillset on projects in the future that bring mutual benefits to our young people and the community.
14 November 2017
Central West Lachlan Landcare were invited to make a presentation on positive partnerships that have resulted from being part of the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative. Whilst a lot of these opportunities do look like fun (and it was), time and preparation has to go into delivering any presentation, particularly when we are not only representing Landcare, but our area.
This was our chance to promote our region and more specifically, the benefits that the Initiative has brought to Landcare in Parkes and Forbes Shires.
Find our more here
Marg Applebee will be representing the Central West on the NSW Landcare Council. The Council contain 22 members representing regions throughout NSW and acts as the representative body for the Landcare community. Landcare NSW was formed in 2007 and celebrated ten years working cooperatively at the Parliamentary Friends of Landcare evening at Parliament House. 
Member for Orange, Philip Donato visited the Back Yamma area to meet with farmers on Sunday, 18 November to review damage caused by the hail that hit this stretch on the previous Thursday. Find out more here.
They were also joined by 9 News. Check it out here
Some of you may have seen some interesting intros for a presentation. What do you do if you are the last presentation on a day before a big awards night? Check it out here - dirty deeds done dirt cheap!
There is still time to donate. Over $5,000 has already been contributed to the campaign. Which is absolutely fantastic!
Click here to find out more and donate to the campaign.
Follow Soil C Quest on Facebook or Twitter.
MARCH 2018
Central West Lachlan Landcare will be holding a Transition to Soil Health seminar in March 2018. This will be free to CWLL members and will feature speakers, Dr Ash Martin from Microbe Labs Australia and Darren Cribbs, Agronomist and Soil Health Trainer.

For those who were part of our Re-balancing the Landscape Project this year, this would be a fantastic follow-up workshop. 

For more information or to book your place in the seminar, please contact Marg on 02 6862 4914 or email

We are pleased to be able to deliver this seminar with funding through the National Landcare Programme.
A policy statement by Landcare NSW inc

The policy was written by the Landcare NSW team based on the ideas and input of Council following consultation with the Landcare community. 

The future of Landcare support – including Local Coordinators and statewide services – was the highest priority issue at the NSW Landcare Muster last month. 

Together we need to do a lot of legwork to secure our partnership with LLS and the State Government, and ensure this program continues so that Landcare can continue to grow and achieve great outcomes.

Please read through the policy document in the above link and provide any feedback via Marg at

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