Welcome to the AgLTAS Project

AgLTAS: “A consensus approach to defining standards for learning outcomes and informing curricula design for agriculture.”

Welcome to the first edition of the AgLTAS Project Newsletter.

AgLTAS is a new project that aims to develop National Academic Standards Statement for Agriculture and related disciplines – 
representing the pass level of achievement expected of a graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

Led by the University of Tasmania, with collaboration from the University of Adelaide, University of Western Sydney and Charles Sturt University, the project will contribute to the national regulation framework currently being developed across the higher education sector, and is very timely given the current demand for graduates in agriculture and associated disciplines.

To develop the agriculture-specific Academic Standards Statement, the project team is seeking consultation with industry stakeholders, academics, students and the Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture.

We are eager to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and encourage you to forward this email to people who might be interested in contributing to the project.
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Value and Need for Project

The Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture (ACDA) and others have shown that there is a current skills shortage in agriculture, with annually some 2000 jobs available relative to the 800 graduates in agriculture and related disciplines.

Strategies are being implemented regionally and nationally, through the ACDA and the Primary Industry Centre for Science Education (PICSE) in collaboration with industry to promote agriculture and related sub disciplines as an attractive and worthwhile career option for young and mature-age students.  Read More.

Project Scope

For the purposes of this project, ‘agriculture’ includes a range of sub-disciplines: agriculture, agricultural science, agribusiness, agricultural economics, agrifood, horticulture, viticulture and wine science.

If you know someone in a related discipline that would be interested in taking part, or receiving updates on the project please forward them the newsletter.

Website Launched

The AgLTAS website has been officially launched! The website will provide timely updates on the project, including information on upcoming workshops as well as key outcomes from stakeholder engagement.

Visit the website to find out more about the project today.

Call for Related Projects

Do you have a current project in learning and teaching in higher education in agriculture?

Academics are invited to promote their latest outcomes or activity in learning and teaching in higher education on the AgLTAS website. Please contact Tina Acuna by email at

Pilot Project

The AgLTAS project extends the successful work of the Learning and Teaching Academic Standards Project for Science (LTAS@UTAS) and a successful 2012 pilot project at the University of Tasmania that adapted the science-wide standards, focusing on Agricultural Science.

Key findings of the pilot project were that the statement on the nature, and extent of Agricultural Science needed to capture its multi-disciplinary nature and that TLOs should incorporate minimum levels of achievement in vocational knowledge. Read More.

Workshop Dates 

Workshop dates are already set across a number of States. View the schedule here. We are encouraging a wide range of stakeholders to take part, including students, academics and industry. 

To register your interest in attending a workshop, please contact the relevant team member in the first instance, or the Project Officer, Phoebe Bobbi at

Meet the Team

The Project Team includes academics from the University of Tasmania, University of Adelaide, Charles Sturt University, University of Western Sydney and Latrobe University.

The project has also appointed a Reference Group, made up of academics from the University of Tasmania, University of Adelaide and Charles Sturt University as well as 
key members of industry from Peracto, and the Ag Institute. Read more.

More Information

For more information on the project please visit our website:

Contact the Project Officer:

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