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TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2021

Based on research conducted by Prosper CO, a Denver organization dedicated to breaking down employment barriers for women and people of color, $45,000 is the annual wage needed for Denver residents to “scrape by.”

Looking at a 2018 American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau, here’s what else they uncovered about workers in Metro Denver:

  • 38.9% earned less than $40,000 (nearly half of this group were people of color, and more than half were women)
  • Among people earning $63,080 or more, 81% percent were white and 65% were male
  • Men, no matter race or education level, earned more than their female counterparts

In 2018, $63,080 was Denver’s average annual wage according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Judging by that number, $40,000 was the amount a Denver resident needed to meet the “bare minimum of self-sufficiency.” When the average annual wage jumped to $68,357 in 2019, the bare minimum was upped to $45,000.

All that to say women and people of color who fell below that $45,000 threshold were disproportionately affected by job loss throughout the pandemic.

Area companies can join Prosper CO’s leadership council in a vow to help close race and gender gaps. Prosper challenges those companies to follow these 10 steps to help foster an equitable work environment.
[CO Sun]

☀️ Temps are forecasted to officially hit 100 degrees today … Congrats?

— Peyton Garcia, (@peytonmgarcia)


📜 Which new bills should you care about?
Still trying to wrap your head around the 2021 Colorado legislative session? Curious about which laws passed, which didn’t, and how they affect you? Of the 623 bills that lawmakers introduced, 502 of them got the greenlight — 😳 I know, but don’t panic — the team at The Colorado Sun says there are really only 65 that you “need to know about” right now, and they broke them each down for you. [CO Sun]

🦁 A look at the Denver Zoo’s new animal hospital
Denver Zoo’s brand new, state-of-the-art, onsite animal hospital opened to the public back in May, and zoo visitors can now watch as vet techs clean an otter's teeth, give a lion an eye exam, or x-ray a penguin. The new facility allows the veterinary team to perform procedures they couldn’t before, like chemotherapy. [Denverite]

🚒 April showers lead to … June fire risk?
The West Metro Fire Rescue team is reminding residents that the high temps forecasted this week bring with them a real risk for fires. The abundant rain over April and May led to a lot of vegetation growth that now has the potential to dry out and become fuel for fires. [CBS4]
👉 What you can do: Residents can contribute to mitigation efforts by clearing gutters, mowing overgrown grass, and eliminating debris build-up. 

The North Face vs Denver’s Oil and Gas Industry
15 mins
When The North Face refused to print co-branded jackets for a Houston-based fracking company, Denver oil and gas execs accused them of hypocrisy. Denver Business Journal reporter Greg Avery talks us through what it all says about Colorado’s relationships with climate change and our own history.


+ TODAY: Americas COVID-19 Memorial
Today, Biennial of the Americas unveils a virtual memorial exhibition honoring everything that was lost to the COVID-19 pandemic.

+ WEDNESDAY: Five Points Mural Gallery
Don’t miss this installment of the Welton Street Renaissance Project spotlighting incredible artworks by an array of Black muralists.

+ THURSDAY-SUNDAY: Citywide Scavenger Hunt
You and your teammates must follow a series of Denver-themed clues that will lead you through the city on a wild scavenger hunt as you race against the clock and competing teams. 

Image: Colorado Parks and Wildlife
A Roxborough State Park ranger came across this not-so-little guy keeping cool in a park creek last week. I’d say he has the right idea. Watch the (short, but TOTALLY adorable) video clip right here.
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