Time is Limited. Contentment is Infinite.
It's good to mellow.  To always have faith that tomorrow will come.  That anything we wish to improve on or explore can be undertaken with the dawn of a new day.  A new day after all brings new possibilities.  

However, 'tomorrows' are limited.  If you're in Western Europe the average life expectancy is 79 years old for a male and a wonderful 84 for a female.  But regardless of your current age, one thing is for certain: all those things you love - seeing family, chatting to friends, walking, hiking, banging drums or whatever's your catch - they're all going to occur maybe only a handful of times more in your entire life...  

Think about it this way, depending on various factors such as where you live, your parent's age and yours; you'll see them perhaps no more or no less than than the amount of fingers you have on one hand.

So what is most obvious here is the way we think about time.  In our daily existence, we don't often think of our life - and our time span - in that way.   
Therefore, it's very much relational

In other words, we conceptualize time by assigning certain meaning to what it represents. 

Zoom out to see our planet.
5pm on a Friday afternoon in most Western countries represents the end of a working week and so that usually means that a bar is next on the agenda! 
And yet 5pm on a Friday afternoon for most of the world's population will in no way be conceptualized or viewed in the same way due to a different set of cultural norms, social structures and generally - ways of living.

Let's zoom out again.  If we ask the Sun 'what day is it?'.  Well the Sun would reply: 'what's a day?' as it watches this little ball of rock spinning around it.  

Therefore time is very much our own Human idea.  When we try to pinpoint it, it can't be held. Only a perspective of it, only a residue of it.
So what does all this mean?  Well, if it's all relative and very much a mental process,  then we can change the conditions that 'set' the time.  We don't have to continue under this spell to 'get things done'. 

We don't have to do anything because it's this time or that.  Break monotony and be more
'The moment has no time' said Leonardo Di Vinci

Time is in many regards simply a pattern that we can fall into or burst out of.

Secondly, we must get lost in what we are doing.  True meditation (IMO) is not to transcend everything but rather to be fully engaged in whatever you are doing. Deeply and truly so that time dissolves.  Next time you're washing your carrots, hanging out your clothes to dry or with a loved one, focus intently on every minute and allow time to fade.

Much like the Sun, you will see your true Self, your awareness, just watching the movement happen around it.  Not being in an idea of past or future, just glowing and watching... being in one continuous state of awareness.  

So next time you make a spontaneous decision to do something you love, get lost in that moment and time will reveal itself to be a mirage.  Leaving you with a sense of contentment and joy that will stay with you for... well, forever.
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