In and Out of Love? Have Some Respect
Is respect more important than love?

I used to think - and still do - that Love is the Truth.  That regardless of all the pain, suffering and sorrow we experience, Love has the ability to douse the burning embers of pain.  All the ruins left behind by pain are merged into one bed of ash and love ignites that process of building from the ground up again no matter the circumstances that came before.  Love never can never truly die.

Throughout the past 18 months we have seen an extreme amount of upheaval and to be quiet honest, it's absolutely baffling how to make sense of anything across the spectrum.

So much noise, chaos, conflicting opinions and confusion.  It has all no doubt been challenging for each and every one of us.

What I've been contemplating is that in order to be united, in order to feel not only sovereign individually but as a collective, then we must look back and retrace our steps to include a very important one of which thus far we have bypassed. 

This step is: respect.

I'm sure we've all antidotally heard our elders speak of 'how it used to be' in a manner that's suggesting those times were better.  If this sounds familiar then it's also familiar that you've probably rolled your eyes and not given it much thought.  But now I believe there is something to this.

Our parents, grandparents and those who came before them grew up in a society where the principal message was always 'show respect', and not only was this understood but it was in-fact embodied and I can see this by observing the grace and manner with which some of those last generations still conduct themselves.

This is the trick we our now missing in our society.

Have you noticed how if a person holds or even states something that is 'contentious' that they are lambasted to the degree that they are almost dehumanized?  As if their 'one point' on 'topic A' overshadows their decency on every other level or else represents how 'awful' they must be in every other aspect of their character and life?

Well one thing I've learnt from studying Yoga - and it took me a long time to digest this one - is that, you can love someone but you don't have to like them.

That's to say, you can always retain love for another human when you realize that they too have flaws, insecurities, anxieties and so forth just as you do.

Another key lesson that Yoga has taught me is that everyone has a mental model of life.  You can think of this in the sense that everyone (including you and me) has their own filters - which get shaped by past experiences.  These filters then frame the way that one perceives life.  Hence our/their own mental model of the world is constructed.  

But again, beneath all of these assumptions they make, beneath all of the perceptions they hold, they too are just speaking, feeling and thinking in a way that they ultimately believe to be True.  It may not be 'right' but equally that doesn't mean either that it's 'wrong'.

So what's the take away?  Well, simply to Under-Stand this.  To get Under where people are Standing and arrive at the place where Love grows. 

This place where all ideas and views - although different - are mutually Respected because we know that beneath the filters, beneath the pain and beneath the words there is a bedrock of Love...  The very same thing that drives us all forward. and will ultimately keep us altogether.
Free-Will. One of my most favourite ideas to explore the last few months.  Amazing speakers on the 'illusion of free will' are Sam Harris and Bernardo Kastrup. It can all get a bit cognitive and tricky for the olde brain to comprehend... so this video is a fun, thought provoking way into the whole topic! Enjoy. 
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