Seeing Karma in the Clouds
A few weeks ago I was walking near the shore in Portugal, just before returning to Ireland.  The weather was just perfect.  After days of rain, grey clouds and an extremely heavy lock-down, my mood was somewhat damp (excuse the pun).  But when I saw these pristine blue skies there was hypothetically no reason not to feel upbeat about it.  Except I didn't feel uplifted.  Instead I was bothered that I wouldn't get to enjoy this weather. 

So I caught myself.  Why this sense of begrudgement? Instantly this moment once again revealed to me the nature of identifying with the ego.  The sense of 'me' where-in the world revolves around and appeases itself to satisfy that 'me'.  That 'me' that exists in each one of us. 

Fantastically though at this moment, I could sow the seeds of my Karma.  We are all pretty familiar with the basic premise of Karma I'm sure but I will describe it here as I know it.

Everything that moves is doing so according to a previous condition, and this movement exists in relation to others of which are also moving according to their 'own' conditions.  

Ok so if that sounds unclear, let's break it down this way.  Everything that moves is doing so according to a previous condition - the movement of my mind and feelings at that moment are a consequence of my previous thoughts and desires (conditions) i.e. 'I want to live in the sun, enjoy the sun etc.'.  

Then: this movement (my frustrated thought) exists in relation to others (who I see, what I see etc.) of which are also moving according to their conditions (previous weather patterns in the case of the current blue sky). 

If that all still sounds confusing don't worry.  The two main things I'm trying to emphasize here are this:

One. At this moment of recognizing my thoughts/feelings, I can consciously choose to change my relation and/or perception toward what I'm witnessing.  Rather than frustration, I can open up toward a feeling of contentment or acceptance for example (however I am definitely not saying to disregard the, no, this is a whole other conversation!).  But importantly what this does is to change the direction of my karma, for now I've set into motion a different (maybe positive) condition that will then influence my thoughts and actions of tomorrow (future). 

Secondly. I am able to recognize that the conditions of the weather are not dependent on me and happen irrespective of 'me' (of course!).  This invites the understanding that the same conditions could possibly arouse great happiness and peace in someone else (because the feeling is subjective, not objective).  In this moment, the ego is dissolved.  The magic occurs then when I can not only appreciate someone else's joy for the blue sky but share in their joy too.  Feeling and acknowledging that that joy simply exists 'out there' and is not owned or determined by 'me' but can also be felt by me.

What contributes to our happiness now? The happenings of the past. So, allow your patterns of thought to shape your weather patterns of tomorrow!
A fascinating talk. Jamie Wheal is a clear, calm speaker and I guess the same could be sad of Dr. Gabor Mate, who is perhaps the most enriching and stabilizing voice in the world  right now.  I loved this talk.  They cover a lot of ground ranging from our disillusionment with politicians, the human condition and how we interact with social activism as well as the effects of psychedelic substances on the brain and psyche. 
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