AWS Asia-Pacific Newsletter May 2018
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Zhouzhuang, Kunshan, Image Credit: Mattias Hill
First Municipal Incentive for Good Water Stewardship

In an important development for the growth of water stewardship internationally, a Chinese municipal authority has offered an incentive payment for companies to adopt and be certified against the AWS Water Stewardship Standard.  Kunshan, a city that has occupied top spot on the Forbes list of Best Business Cities in mainland China for seven consecutive years, is offering RMB100,000 to companies that can achieve compliance with the AWS Standard. 

The incentive is part of a package of measures outlined by the City to address water pollution challenges and respond to National Government initiatives to clean-up China’s air and water and create a “Beautiful China”.   Kunshan is an important city in China and a major centre for the micro-electronics industry.  AWS has been working with WWF China and the Kunshan Environment Protection Bureau for the past year to help major polluters improve their water management performance and achieve best practice.  WWF China has been an important partner in building this relationship.

AWS Asia-Pacific CEO Michael Spencer said: “While governments have supported AWS work with companies in the past, this is the first time a government agency has offered an incentive for AWS certification.  This has the potential to be a game-changer for water stewardship by considerably improving the business case. We expect other agencies will follow not just in China but internationally.  It recognises that good water stewards are contributing to broader social and ecological goals as well as gaining private benefits.  In a sense, it is a form of gain sharing for improvement in a community’s natural capital.” 

The AWS Industrial Parks project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Water Partnership.
Water Stewardship on the move in Indonesia

The Alliance for Water Stewardship Asia-Pacific with support from The Australian Water Partnership has successfully brought the concept of water stewardship to Indonesia with the first forum and accredited training in Bogor earlier this month. The forum was attended by more than 40 participants of which 22 participants continued into the training program. The participants came from multiple sectors: Indonesian national level government, multinational companies, NGOs, consultancies, certification bodies, and more.
Attendees heard from 7 speakers at the forum ‘Is Water Your Business?’ including Mr Noer Adi Wardojo, the Head of the Center for Standardisation from Ministry of Environment and Forestry. He gave a presentation on the high economic prospects of Indonesia, but also the challenges on water that come with this development. He stated that:
"Water is very important for ecosystem services and functions, and water as part of the nexus. The challenges in Indonesia are cross-sector, cross-boundary, cross-actor and therefore about working together. It is the role of the Government as well to make companies stronger, and more sustainable. The water stewardship standard will progress how we do water governance in Indonesia, as it would improve competitiveness, access to international markets, not just a minimum compliance regulatory approach. [The] AWS Standard can be a way for companies to look beyond compliance, not just for government but also for their own business."

He ended his speech welcoming the Alliance for Water Stewardship to Indonesia and he looked forward to continue to work in a constructive manner to integrate water stewardship in company and government activities in Indonesia.  
Read the full report by Basja Jantowski, Indonesia Country Representative here.
AWS Water Stewardship Trainings 13-15 June

Want to know the ins and outs of how to become a better water steward?

AWS Asia-Pacific will be running Foundation, Advanced and Specialist trainings in the AWS International Standard in Brisbane from the 13-15 June. These 1-3 day trainings are open to all participants working in or with an interest in water governance and management. Whether you are a major water user, a regulatory body, a natural resource manager or a civil society group; AWS’s training can give you what you need to advocate for and implement responsible water stewardship.

To register, contact or find more information here.
AWS Asia-Pacific YouTube Channel

Want to find out more about what's been happening at the water stewardship trainings in Indonesia? Perhaps you'd like to hear about what water stewardship is and why it's important from the experts?

Now you can on the AWS Asia-Pacific YouTube Channel.

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The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is the global umbrella organisation for AWS Water Stewardship and has a network of regional partners to assist local implementation of the system. Water Stewardship Australia Limited, trading as AWS Asia-Pacific is the regional partner managing AWS Water Stewardship operations in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific, South East Asia, East Asia including China and collaborates with AWS international in South Asia.
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