Housing Europe Update 31.07.2015
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Brussels, 31 July 2015
Housing Europe Autumn Meetings
Dear Housing Europe Members,

just before the August indolence takes over most of Europe, please allow us to send you a reminder of the forthcoming Housing Europe meetings in early autumn, so that you can block the dates in your calendar. 

From all of us in Brussels best wishes for a nice summer break!
1. ELOSH Final Conference
Housing and Support: successful ways to help people with complex housing needs

15 September 2015 in Brussels
  • What are the benefits of an integrated approach in housing?
  • How can housing associations along with care and support service providers co-produce the best living experience for the tenants?
  • Which is the best way to serve the people's needs for independent living?
Get the answers to all questions above and more and hear project partners interact with policy makers in a co-productive manner, paving the way for the actual implementation of the learning outcomes and of the universal training pack produced within ELOSH in the future.
Find out more & Register Online by September 7th
2. Be part of the Housing Europe Expert Group on CSR

22 September 2015 in Brussels

Housing Europe establishes an Expert Group on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and invites you to join its first meeting in Brussels.

The aim of this expert group will be:
  • to collect and evaluate existing CSR reporting models for housing companies in the member states
  • to propose an approach for a European reporting system based on already existing models in the sector.
We would like to ask you to inform us who will be representing your organisation in the expert group and to provide us with CSR models or equivalent reporting systems of your country. This will help us to prepare the first meeting of the expert group, which will be on September 22nd in Brussels.
Please send your input to our Policy Assistant, Edit Lakatos
3. Housing Europe Working Committee Meetings

12-13 October 2015 in Brussels

The exact date and time of each meeting as well as the draft agenda will be sent to you within the first week of September.
Stay tuned with the Housing Europe Calendar