Housing Europe Newsletter 26.05.2015
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Summer is just around the corner and the European Commission has presented a series of high profile policy initiatives. The latest Country-Specific Recommendations and the Better Regulation Agenda hit the frontpages in Brussels. How relevant is all this to the work of Housing Europe and its members? We provide you with the "housing perspective".

At the same time we invite you to use the opportunity and take part in the COP 21 summit in Paris this winter. As an officially accredited observer organization, we have the opportunity to nominate a number of people. 

Housing Europe representatives have been around presenting outcomes of the exchange with other EU stakeholders and sharing the organisation's expertise. Follow them!

Get more information on the most important news of the last couple of weeks, access our list of articles and publications, including Marc Calon's article in "Housing Ireland" Journal and the latest edition of our "10' with" blog column, introducing Kieron Brennan, CEO of NABCO.

Stay tuned with the latest developments regarding the European Projects and initiatives Housing Europe is taking part in.

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Housing in the scope of the latest Country-Specific Recommendations
5 Member States in the loop

On May 13th  2015, the European Commission has published the country-specific recommendations for each Member State, along with an overarching Communication on how to strengthen and sustain the recovery, and how the streamlined European Semester is implemented.

As "Housing & Private Debt" are among the assessment criteria for the financial sector, Housing Europe highlights the housing-related CSRs addressed to 5 countries along and presents an analysis compared to the previous semester accompanied by a first reaction from its member organisations.   
Read the Housing Europe Analysis & Members' Reactions on our website
Does better regulation equal better EU law-making?
What does the ambitious Timmermans agenda mean for Housing Europe and its members? (*)

Following the official announcement of the long awaited Better Regulation Agenda by the European Commission, we present its key points and hooks for the Housing Europe advocacy work at EU level.

The package that will be directly implemented by the European Commission is based on 4 main pillars:
1. More Transparency
2. More and better public consultation
3. Keeping existing laws under review
4. Better impact assessment and quality control

Read more on our website
Housing Europe's views on EED raised at Commission workshop (*)

A conference arranged by the European Commission was held on the 6th of May concerning the new Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), with a focus on heat metering. One of the speakers was Johanna Ode, Chair of the Energy & Construction Working Committee of Housing Europe.

Johanna Ode was invited to shed light on what public, cooperative and social housing organisations think about individual heat metering and billing. This was a valuable opportunity as several members of Housing Europe have views on the Directive and its implementation.

"I stressed that Housing Europe's members are keen on energy efficiency and the ambitious EU targets for climate and energy. However, [...] there is no 'one-size-fits-all' when reducing energy consumption", commented Johanna Ode.

Read the full report on our website
Stay tuned with EU funding opportunities! (*)

We have just updated our web portal that is dedicated to EU funds. Interesting developments are now available in Horizon 2020, in AAL and in INTERREG for which we invite you to attend the “lead applicant workshop” in Brussels.

Furthermore, we introduce you to AMIF, the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund that has incorporated EIF and promotes the efficient management of migration flows and the implementation, strengthening and development of a common Union approach to asylum and immigration.

Get all the information you need to prepare a successful application with just a few clicks
Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing endorsed

The 66th session of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) endorsed on 16 April 2015 the Charter on Sustainable Housing as a non-legally binding document.

The scope of the document is to improve sustainability of housing in the ECE region through effective policies and actions at all levels, supported by international cooperation, in order to contribute to sustainable development in the region.

Access and download the Charter in PDF format in English, French and Russian
Making use of EU funding for Energy Efficiency
Housing Europe presents at LOSZ GA in Hungary

Our Hungarian member, LOSZ, held its annual GA in Budapest in the beginning of the month, inviting also external participants from Brussels, Germany, Austria etc. to share their expertise and views. Housing Europe was there to present the work done at EU level on energy efficiency funding opportunities.

Housing Europe Policy Assistant, Edit Lakatos held a presentation about the use of EU Funds for energy efficiency in the new legislative period 2014-2020. 

Access the presentation online
Sweden: SABO's Kombohus proves that reduction of construction costs is possible

The Swedish Competition Authority highlights SABO's efforts in its report. An overview of the public housing companies' public procurement of housing construction projects. SABO’s framework agreement procurements of Kombohus demonstrates that it is possible to reduce construction costs.

Read the full article on our website 

Articles & Publications
Europe at crossroads regarding its housing future
Marc Calon’s article in “Housing Ireland” spring 2015

The President of Housing Europe, Marc Calon signs one of the opening articles of the spring 2015 edition of “Housing Ireland”, the the journal for Irish Housing Professionals.

Marc highlights the need of “generating flexible concrete solutions to address diverse needs”. 

You may read the full article in the digital edition (p.5-7)
10 minutes with Kieron Brennan, CEO of NABCO in Ireland

Every month we introduce you to one of the people leading the work of our member organisations. In this edition, we head to Ireland to introduce you to the CEO of our member organisation NABCO, Kieron Brennan.

Find out more about NABCO and its structure. Get informed about the housing policy priorities in Ireland at the moment and get to know Kieron, at least a bit, in person. 

Read on our blog
UK: Four policy solutions to reduce fuel poverty

With over 2 million UK households currently in fuel poverty, and the second worst energy standards in Europe, England’s housing needs substantial improvement.

Steve Cole is Policy Leader at the National Housing Federation, member of Housing Europe in the UK and suggests 4 policy solutions that can tackle this alarming challenge.

Read Steve’s blog post on the NHF website

Successful Co-Production can turn a volunteer into a facilitator

The story of Hannu, who co-facilitated the Finnish pilot training within the framework of the ELOSH project proves that the successful implementation of the co-production concept can be a real game changer when it comes to integrating housing and support services. 

Hannu contributes actively as a volunteer at the Citizens' Arena of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute and is considered as the embodiment of the spirit and its core values.

Read how a poster in a library inviting to enjoy football on a large screen was about to become the turning point in the life of a volunteer in the Finnish capital.

Read the whole ELOSH feature online
Pay a virtual study visit to Marseille!

The last video of the POWER HOUSE nearly Zero-Energy Challenge initiative is now online, offering a summary of the Warm/Mediterranean Climates TaskForce meetings in the French port. 

On the 19th March 2014, TaskForce presented to the management and technical staff of the Association Régionale Hlm PACA & Corse the TaskForce’s findings and exchanged information about Mediterranean bioclimatic architectural principles.

On the following day the regional scheme in place to finance the energy refurbishment of the Social Housing stock (plan RHEA hlm) was explained in details. The French colleagues presented the results of a survey carried out in the PACA region in 2014 on the energy and environmental performance on a sample of 93 new social housing projects equivalent to 3.211 dwellings.

Watch the video on the Housing Europe YouTube Channel
The European Responsible Housing Code of Conduct presented in Belfast

The Housing Europe Board member, John McPeake presented the Code of Conduct, one of the key outcomes of the European Responsible Housing Initiative (ERHIN) at the Chartered Institute of Housing annual Conference. CIHNI is the professional body for people in housing in Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland.

You may view John’s presentation here and
find out more about ERHIN by visiting

Save the date for the next Working Committee Meetings on June 8-9 (*)

As the next Working Committee Meetings in Brussels are approaching, we invite you to book your flight and accomodation in Brussels. The meetings will take place on June 8, starting in the afternoon, and 9.

Register now for the General Assembly 2015! (*)

As you already know the next Housing Europe General Assembly will take place in Lisbon on 1-2 July 2015. To ensure the smooth running of the biggest event of the year we invite you to register as soon as possible following the detailed guidelines contained in this e-mail. 
Call for expression of interest to attend COP21 Paris climate change summit (*)

As an officially accredited observer organization, Housing Europe has the opportunity to nominate a number of people to be admitted to attend the COP21 summit in Paris (30 November-11 December 2015).

If you would like to attend this year’s global climate change conference, please contact Alice Pittini as soon as possible and no later than June 12.

Please note that quota will be allocated to each observer organization after June 22nd, determining the number of people who will actually be allowed to the conference – therefore we might not be able to guarantee access to all who request it.

More information on the COP21 conference
Conference 'Innovative Financing Opportunities for Active & Healthy Ageing'
Brussels, 3 June 2015

DG SANTE is organising the Conference 'Innovative Financing Opportunities for Active & Healthy Ageing' that will look at the issue of how to practically leverage public and private financial instruments and maximise synergies in the area of active & healthy ageing.

In particular, the Conference will focus on the EU financial instruments, the Investment plan for Europe, joint-procurement of innovative solutions, new ways of public-private co-investments in health, European Structural and Investment Funds, social innovation and more recent innovative alternative financing tools.

Find out more and register online
European Parliament Hearing on Co-Production
2 June 2015 in Brussels

EASPD, the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities, is organising a panel debate with Members of the European Parliament, Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs) and support services organisations on the topic “The Co-production process: shaping all together a more inclusive society. How is it possible to reinforce “Users’ involvement in all aspects of support services”.

This event will take place on 2 June 2015 from 09h00 to 13h00. More information
FIEC Conference 2015 "Juncker Plan" and "Construction 2020"
5 June in Brussels

FIEC, the European Construction Industry Federation organises its annual conference in the Belgian capital making the link between the European Fund for Strategic Investments, the so called “Juncker Plan” and the construction sector with a view to the 2020 EU milestone.

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker will be the special guest and will be opening the conference.

Find out more and register 
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