Policy Briefing #1 2015
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Dear Members,

I hope that 2015 has gotten off to a good start. This coming Wednesday we have an opportunity  to inform MEPs on how they can support your work from Brussels.
As announced in December we are organising a briefing on Housing and the EU for MEPs before the first meeting of the Urban Intergroup this coming Wednesday 7th January.
The venue has been confirmed as you can see in this document.
Please forward to those MEPs who have an interest in housing so that we can inform them on how they can support your work from Brussels. If you have already done so please send reminders and inform us of the response you get.
Here you may find the e-mail addresses of those who have officially joined the intergroup and they can be reached by phone via the switchboard at +32(0)2 28 42111. Other MEPs not on this list but with an interest in housing can also be contacted.
Best Regards,

Sorcha Edwards
Secretary General

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