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July 2014
 Members Newsflash 
CECODHAS Housing Europe Members' Bi-weekly Newsflash

Friday, July 4th 2014 will be marked in the calendar of the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing as a day of changes at many levels. CECODHAS Housing Europe members organisations gathered together at the General Assembly held in Versailles within the frame of Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 to make a series of decisions which will not only influence CECODHAS Housing Europe itself but also the voice of our sector in Europe. 

We thank all our members for their active participation and work undertaken together for these new times at CECODHAS Housing Europe ahead.


Marc Calon has been elected as the new president of CECODHAS Housing Europe.

A few words about Marc Calon...
He loves the land and he has always had a connection with it, even if he had to find alternative ways to combine things that theoretically would not match. Born in Flanders, he studied Agricultural Engineering in Wageningen and then worked as a teacher and director in agricultural organizations. Then, it was time for the political scene. In 1995 he was elected a member of the Provincial Council of Groningen, while between 1999 and 2009 he served on the Provincial Executive for Groningen. Over the last couple of years he has been the chairman of Aedes, the umbrella organisation of housing corporations in the Netherlands.

Marc Calon succeeds Kurt Eliasson, and charters the path the organisation should follow through the major future challenges following the structural reform process successfully led by Eliasson and approved by the General Assembly in Versailles.

*Read a complete interview with him here.

CECODHAS Housing Europe approved its new statutes, new members' fees and internal restructuring together with the official approval of a new member, Türkkent from Turkey. 
All the details about our General Assembly can now be read in a complete article in our website. Please access this link if you would like to read the presentations given at the General Assembly.

More information regarding the Solar Decathlon competition, finalists, prizes, videos and conference presentations here.

The next 23rd July 2014 from 11h to 13h in the meeting room of CECODHAS Housing Europe (Square de Meeus n°18, 5th floor) will take place the meeting on asbestos.

All the relevant information for this meeting is accessible now in our website. Please remember to log in with your members credentials to access the information. 

The meeting will address as main topics the following:
  1. Presentation of each participant and explanation of the current activities on asbestos in each federation
  2. Discussion about the results of the questionnaire
  3. Next steps from the European Commission and CECODHAS Housing Europe.
Discussion will be held in English with some 'causal' translation available as needed. 
In order to plan well in advance our meeting room and in case further space is needed we kindly ask you to please register following the meeting's doodle here.

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ERHIN Responsible Housing Awards on its way!
ERHIN final conference its on is way. The next October 6th together with the International Tenants Union day the ERHIN awards will be given in Brussels. After a difficult selection between 70 applications the jury has now made its decision. More detailed information coming soon, in the meanting book your date and follow us @CSRHousing and ERHIN. 

ELOSH Local Coalitions Call for CECODHAS Housing Europe Members Participation
The ELOSH project website is now online! There you could find detailed information about the project and the partners, together with an e-leaflet and more information we will be updating on regular basis. If you wish to know more about the project please contact Julien Dijol or Alicia Gomez Campos
September 22-26th
BSFH International Peer Exchange: 100,000 Homes Campaign, 

October 6th
ERHIN European Responsible Housing Initiative Final Conference 'CSR on Responsible Housing and Tenants Empowerment'  
Brussels, Belgium

October 8th
Innovative Financing for Energy Efficiency and renewables: feedback from successful projects. 
Brussels, Belgium

October 28th – 30th 
WSB14 World Sustainable Buildings 
Barcelona, Spain

November 5th
'Housing and Financial Stability'
European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
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