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Cross-Borders Data Project

The Cross-Borders Data Project comprises the global arm of Columbia Journalism Investigations. This postgraduate fellowship offers recent graduates the opportunity to apply their data and investigative skills to produce global stories of public interest. 
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Disinfo 2020: Prepping the Press

Stream our day long conference on disinformation in the press and how the journalism world might respond in 2020. A huge thank you to our speakers and everyone who joined us for the event!

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Hundreds of ‘pink slime’ local news outlets are distributing algorithmic stories and conservative talking points

An increasingly popular tactic challenges conventional wisdom on the spread of electoral disinformation: the creation of partisan outlets masquerading as local news organizations. Potentially disturbing findings from Tow's Computational Journalism Fellow Priyanjana Bengani. 

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How do audiences really ‘engage’ with news?

The news industry is now two decades into a period defined by instability and confusion. Publishers have grown uncomfortably aware that they can no longer assume they will maintain a readership robust enough to generate revenue or affect public policy. Jacob Nelson on Audience Engagement.

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The journalistic newsfeed: editorial values and algorithms

Facebook, Google, Apple News: these are the technology companies vital to news distribution. Their algorithms, written with the values and priorities of Silicon Valley, drive the majority of online traffic to news, determining which publishers and stories gain exposure—sometimes with less-than-desirable results. Nicholas Diakopoulos  on editorial values and algorithms.

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We can't fight fake news without saving local journalism
Local news is often trusted more than national news but it is highly vulnerable to online disinformation. Tow Director Emily Bell writes on the vulnerabilities of local news for The Guardian.

Are platforms a bridge or a lifeline?
You can’t throw a stone without hitting a newsroom that has received money from or gone through some training or boot camp hosted by Facebook or Google. Lead Research Fellow Nushin Rashidian gives predictions for journalism in 2020.
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