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Senate Report on Russia's Disinformation Campaign
Jonathan Albright, director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism Digital Forensics Initiative, was one of the researchers commissioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee to analyze data supplied to the committee by Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

In an interview with Sam Thielman for The Columbia Journalism Review, Albright highlighted the success of Russian disinformation and discord campaigns on Instagram, a platform that's been underemphasized or missing from other investigations into Russian interference. "It saw more success than either Twitter or Facebook combined," Albright told CJR.

Read the full report, compiled by Albright and experts from Canfield Research and New Knowledge, here.
New Research on Push Alerts
Pushed Even Further: US Newsrooms View Mobile Alerts As A Standalone Platform
by Pete Brown
A year after publishing a groundbreaking report on mobile push alerts, Brown has revisited how newsrooms are using and thinking about the practice. The report found an uptick in the weekly average of push alerts and made a case study out of mobile alerts on the Trump administration's family separation policy. The full report by Brown, a Senior Research Fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, and a summary of key findings can be accessed here
Recommended for Educators
For course and curriculum adoption, Tow Center reports are available at The Columbia Journalism Review and Columbia Academic Commons.

Pushed Even Further: US Newsrooms View Mobile Alerts As A Standalone Platform
by Pete Brown
A year after his deep dive into push alerts was published in 2017, Brown found that the strategic ways newsrooms deploy mobile alerts have changed and chronicles how the controversial family separation policy played out through push alerts in a fascinating case study.

Guide to Advertising Technology
by Elizabeth Anne Watkins
This informative guide clearly explains the inner workings of the digital advertising economy—and why journalists should care. 

Digital Adaptation in Local News
by Jesse Holcomb
Holcomb reviews the digital advancement of local news outlets by reporting on mobile news offerings, online revenue generation, the user experience of online local news, and regional variation in digital practices. 

Data Journalism and the Law
by D. Victoria Baranetsky
The way journalists tell stories is changing. The law is changing, too. Baranetsky scans the evolving media landscape for new legal considerations for journalists.

Friend and Foe: The Platform Press at the Heart of Journalism
by Nushin Rashidian, Pete Brown, and Elizabeth Hansen — with Emily Bell, Jonathan Albright, and Abigail Hartstone
As part of an ongoing, multi-year study, this collaborative report examines the consequential relationship between platforms and publishers. 

WeChatting American Politics: Misinformation, Polarization, and Immigrant Chinese Media
by Chi Zhang
Reflecting broader challenges in the digital news ecosystem, Zhang's report examines misinformation and political polarization in immigrant Chinese media. Her special focus is WeChat content, which she discovers is asymmetrically polarized toward the right.
In The Columbia Journalism Review
Apple News UK editors rely on six outlets for 75 percent of Top Stories
by Pete Brown

An analysis of the prominent "Top Stories" section curated by Apple News UK found that over three-quarters of the articles came from six major publications. The ongoing research by Brown, a senior research fellow at Tow, reveals a full half of articles came from just three outlets: Sky News, BBC News, and The London Evening Standard. 

Facebook burnishes image in Bryant Park, with marshmallows, emoji pins, privacy guide
by Sam Thielman

Thielman, Tow editor at The Columbia Journalism Review, skewers more than marshmallows in this look at a privacy-themed pop-up hosted by Facebook. The company is conducting a goodwill tour amid a storm of negative revelations about their data sharing practices and this event, which unfolded with free hot chocolate and cupcakes in Manhattan's Bryant Park, was the first stop in the United States. 
In the News and At Large
The report delivered by Albright and colleagues to the Senate Intelligence Committee was a revealing look into the scope and scale of Russian disinformation. The report garnered extensive national coverage, including write-ups at Fox News, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and CNN.

Brown's piece on the human-curated news feed at Apple News UK leaning on just a handful of outlets was featured in MediaPost.

CNET covered tensions between Facebook and their fact-checkers, noting that a Tow Center report by Mike Ananny surfaced the concerns of workers tasked with fighting fake news back in April.
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