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Happy Holidays from the Tow Center! As we prepare for another year of programming, the Tow Center announces two opportunities for you to get involved with our research: 1) apply to be a paid research assistant for the Single-Subject News Project, and 2) volunteer with the Amateur Footage research team.
Work at the Tow Center
The Tow Center seeks a paid Research Assistant to work with Tow Fellows Lara Setrakian and Kristin Nolan on the Single-Subject News Project. Apply by January 1, 2014. Click here for more details.
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Tow Center Seeks Research Assistant for Single-Subject News Project
-Lauren Mack, Tow Center Research Associate
The Tow Center has an opening for a paid Research Assistant for the Single-Subject News Project. Apply by January 1, 2014.

Takeaway: Tow Tea: Starting a Startup
-Shiwani Neupane, Tow Center Digital Media Associate
In today’s shifting media industry landscape, creating a job for yourself by starting a journalistic startup is becoming a more common and appealing possibility. On Dec. 4, 2013, about 50 people gathered for Tow Tea at Columbia Journalism School to hear from panelists on the front lines of this trend to hear about the realities of going into the media business for yourself.

The Real Impact of Virtual Activism
-Philip Howard, Tow Fellow
There’s been an active debate over the impact of digital media on political life. Initially, the digital optimists seemed to have the upper hand, arguing that social media and its array of platforms vitally contributed to these movements – and made the grip of unelected rulers elsewhere all the more precarious. The digital pessimists then struck back, citing example after example of autocratic governments that used technology ruthlessly and efficiently to stifle dissent, monitor civil society groups more closely, and further consolidate power. For many people, the core issue in the debate is whether or not you think digital activism can have much of an impact on politics. To investigate, we’ve been digging into real cases of digital activism:  not just the high profile ones, and not just the successes
Data Journalism MOOCs Offer New Options for Distributed Learning
-Alexander Howard, Tow Fellow
One of the most common questions I’ve heard since I began investigating data-driven journalism has been “where can I go to learn more?” Every day, those options are expanding. Starting in early 2014, for instance, the European Journalism Centre is offering a relatively novel option: a “massive open online course” (MOOC) focused on building data journalism skills

Have something to say? The Tow Center is looking for contributors to pitch and cover events, tell us How It’s Made or write tips and tutorials for the Tow Center Blog. Contact Shiwani Neupane, Digital Media Associate, if you wish to contribute.
Upcoming Events:

Late Jan.
Tow Tea: Innovation Showcase Introduction

Late Jan./early Feb
Journalism After Snowden

Feb. 4, 2014
Computational Journalism Lecture Series: Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Research
The Tow Center will announce in January, a full schedule of bi-monthly Tow Teas, monthly Computational Journalism Lectures, conferences and workshops, and more.

Unless otherwise noted, all Tow Center events are free and open to the public. Follow the Tow Center on Twitter @TowCenter for updates on all events.
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