Total Knee Arthroplasty

What To Do About Avoiding Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery is becoming more common as it seems that everybody knows someone that has experienced a Total Joint Arthroplasty. This may be a knee, hip or shoulder. There are days that I will have 8 joint replacements in my treatment area, and there are only 5 people in the room.

They say that "aging is not for sissies". Nether is having a Total Joint Replacement.

Degenerative joint changes are a result of chronic wear and tear, the result of an old sports injury, or a well-spent youth, and from health-related consequences(weight gain).

Does everybody need a joint replacement?
Well, if you were to ask any one of these individuals if they are happy they carried through with the surgery, there would be mixed response. Having a joint replacement does not come without potential complications. These may include a blood clot, joint contracture and post-operative pain.

Joint replacement surgery can be avoided. The Non-Operative Approach requires individualized management of your condition. This requires behavior modification, a medical plan and self-care.

It is your choice to make if and when you have surgery. Pain and loss of functional ability are the major indicators that it is time to "throw in the towel".

There are actions you can take to better prepare, and potentially avoid Total Joint Replacement and go the non-operative route.
  1. Work. It is daily discipline of effort and attention. Work is a "four-lettered" word that can not be avoided.
  2. Diet. This refers to eating the right way for your body. Reducing body weight if this is an issue. Carrying an extra 20-pounds leads to extra stress on the joints.
  3. What you eat. Inflammation is a major problem with arthritis(joint inflammation). There are foods that must be eliminated, such as processed foods, and other foods that can help fight inflammation.
  4. Supplements. There are a few joint and connective tissue supplements that can support healthy joints. CollagenMD Type II and Advanced Connective Tissue Type I and III. Contact Bauer PT for more info.
  5. Exercise. Maintaining mobility and strength while protecting the joint is important for maintaining function. There are modes of exercise, like stationary bike, that are better for you than other modes(specifically running). If you wish to have an individualized program set up at Bauer Physical Therapy call and set up a time with Randy or Jon.
  6. Protective devices. There are Unloader Knee Braces that can alleviate joint compression with activity. I strongly recommend using hiking poles for walking or hiking. Even if you do not have advanced changes hiking poles are very economical for energy and efficiency on the trail.
  7. Physical Therapy. A prescribed course of physical therapy can address joint limits of mobility, soft tissue tightness, functional relations of adjacent joints, and strength. Bauer Physical Therapists are experienced in managing all stages of degenerative joint changes.
The Positive Health Workshop in February 2015 covered The Categories of Clean Eating with special attention to the Leaky Gut SyndromeStarting a Lean Fitness Program that included a Walking Test, Learning to stimulate change and directed passion to your endeavors, and The Mind-Body connection. If you did not attend you may download the extensive 25 page pdf (below) of the Workshop material.
Attendees also received their very own face spray blend of essential oil and aloe. The next workshop will be held in late April. 
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Positive Health Movement Workshop

Where: Bauer Physical Therapy
When: April 27th, 2015 (Monday)
Time: 6:45 - 7:30 pm

  • Sleep and Your Health
  • Daily Steps to a Healthy Back
  • Tune in and Turn On Your Nervous System
  • Eliminate the Need to Diet
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