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ISER Eyes on the World -- Newsletter from the International Society for Eye Research
Volume 5, Issue 1 / Winter 2015
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Steven J. Fliesler, PhD

President's Message

By the time this message appears, it will be January, 2015 – another new year has begun, the Winter holidays are now past, and many of us are starting to look longingly for the coming of Spring.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the proposed “off-year” meeting on mechanisms and treatments for glaucoma, originally scheduled for Fall of 2015, has been cancelled. We hope to be able to hold such a topically-oriented conference sometime in the not-too-distant future.

On a brighter note, I am happy to report the results of the Fall Election for ISER Governance positions, with terms starting January 1, 2015. John S. Penn, PhD (Department of Ophthalmology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA) is the new President-Elect, and will serve in that capacity for one year, prior to assuming the position of ISER President for a three-year term*. Dr. Penn has been an ISER Council member for several years, serving most recently on the Executive Committee as the Meeting Liaison. Frank Lovicu, PhD (Department of Anatomy & Histology, University of Sydney School of Medical Sciences, Australia) is the newly elected Vice-President/Asia-Pacific, serving a three-year term. Dr. Lovicu formerly served as Chair of the ISER Communications Committee. Finally, Mehrnoosh Saghizadeh Ghiam, PhD (Departments of Biomedical Sciences and Neurosurgery, and Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, USA) will replace Mike O. Carl as the incoming Young Investigator Councilor, serving a two-year term. Congratulations to all three newly elected members of the ISER Council.

As reported in the Fall 2014 Newsletter, the various ISER Committees are under new leadership and are working via email, telephone and videoconferences to help facilitate the fulfillment of ISER’s goals and the implementation of ISER’s strategic plan. In particular, the Communications Committee, under the leadership of Gerard (“Jerry”) Lutty, PhD (Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA), has made great strides in recent months to enhance ISER member engagement and communications (see their report, herein).

Members of ISER Council held a trans-global videoconference call to review prospective conference management firms to manage the ISER XXII Biennial Meeting, which will take place in Tokyo, Japan, September 26-30, 2016. A firm has been chosen, and will be announced as program planning for the meeting progresses. Solicitations for topical sessions for the Scientific Program will be forthcoming over the next several months of this year.

Wishing you all a fulfilling, healthful, peaceful, and productive new year.


Steven J. Fliesler, PhD

*Errata: In the Fall 2014 Newsletter, it was stated that my term as President would be concluding as of December 31, 2014. In fact, my term of office terminates at the end of 2015.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee was constituted in Fall of 2014, and is chaired by Ernst Tamm, MD (ISER Vice-President, Europe). It will collaborate with the company that organizes ISER 2016 to maximize the success of fundraising for this meeting. We plan to expand fundraising sources and will focus on identifying key potential partners, especially with broad interests in Asia and Japan.

Communications Committee



ISER’s Communication Committee would like to put a new face on the newsletter by having a cover photograph. We are soliciting scientific images that are visually exciting and scientifically compelling. The scientific image, in TIF or JPEG format, should be accompanied by a “figure legend” explaining what the image is, how it was done, and who captured it. The legend can also include a reference (link) to the published study associated with the image. So as not to violate copyright, please choose an unpublished image.



ISER’s website has a “links” page that has recently been updated to include granting agencies that have been identified by the Communications Committee. They are listed here for your easy reference:
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We look forward to receiving your cover images for ISER’s Eyes on the World Newsletter!


ISER Communications Committee

Membership Dues

Your ISER membership dues for the 2015 year are due no later than December 31, 2014. If you have not already done so, please submit your membership dues payment without further delay.

ISER accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

If you view your dues statement online, but wish to pay by check now, please make checks payable to the International Society for Eye Research and mail to:

International Society for Eye Research
655 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

PLEASE NOTE the member name, membership number or another personal identifier on the check to ensure payment is posted correctly.

New this year! You can renew your dues for two years at a discounted rate of $225 for regular members and $175 for young investigator members.

To take advantage of this offer, you must check the appropriate box on your mailed invoice, or contact the ISER Secretariat. (Two-year memberships cannot be paid online.)

Career Center

ISER members can now post and view career opportunities on the ISER website. To request a career opportunity be posted on the ISER website, please email your request to the ISER Secretariat at Postings will remain live for 90 days, or until the position has been filled. Visit the ISER Career Center for complete details.
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Lab Profile

Reza Dana, MD, MPH, MSc
Reza Dana is the Claes Dohlman Chair in Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School, Director of the Cornea Service at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear, and Senior Scientist at the Harvard Department of Ophthalmology. His principal research interest is determining the molecular and cellular regulation of corneal and ocular surface immunity, in particular the role of cytokines and chemokines in induction of antigen-specific immunity, recruitment and activation of antigen-presenting cells, and the dysfunction of T regulatory cells in transplantation, autoimmunity, and aging. The Dana Lab’s research has led to more than 300 publications and is supported by several National Institutes of Health grants.

In addition to studies in the immunobiology of corneal grafts, the lab focuses on determining the immunopathogenesis of dry eye disease, a chronic autoimmune disease whose precise pathogenesis was barely understood even a few years earlier. Processes being studied include how lymphatic growth into the cornea is regulated, the interplay of T helper-1 (Th1) and Th17 autoimmunity, and the mechanisms by which Foxp3+ Tregs become dysfunctional in chronic disease.

Dr. Dana's basic investigation efforts have been complemented with an active program in clinical and translational research at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear where numerous prospective investigator initiated studies are performed focused on novel strategies to manage high-risk corneal and stem cell transplants, pathological corneal angiogenesis, dry eye, and in vivo corneal immuno- and neuro-imaging. These studies have been facilitated by 8 successful FDA IND approvals received by his group since 2008.
If you would like to submit a Lab Profile for a future ISER Eyes on The World issue, please email
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ISER 2016 Biennial Meeting - Tokyo, Japan - Sept 26-30
ISER Officers:
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Secretary – Dr. Tailoi Chan-Ling
Treasurer – Dr. Christine McGahan
Vice-President (Europe) – Dr. Ernst Tamm
Vice-President (Asia-Pacific) – Dr. Takeshi Iwata
Vice-Presidents (Asia-Pacific) – Dr. Takeshi Iwata and Dr. Frank Lovicu
Vice-President (Americas) – Dr. Gerard Lutty
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