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Dear <<First Name>>!

”God is so rich in kindness and GRACE!” Eph 1:7a (NLT).

The Tenderloin is SF’s most notorious neighborhood, an “open-air drug market." That helps make the Tenderloin a great laboratory and springboard for missions. In addition to my teaching and coaching work there with Youth With a Mission (YWAM), KR began partnering with City Impactanother ministry that helps bring God's Kingdom near to the Tenderloin’s people. I've experienced surprising levels of God's grace with this new partnership and delighted to share a few aspects of this with you. 

GRACE was hearing heartfelt questions from students at SF Tenderloin’s City Impact (CI) ministry while teaching in their School of Ministry:

  • “How can I as a white person speak into marginalized cultures without our (white) privilege?”
  • “The ‘captives’ that Jesus came for mostly lie outside the church. How can the church better embody the life of Jesus and do what he would do? 
  • “How can we be agents to excavate stories of people here in the Tenderloin in a way that loves and honors them?”

GRACE was being able to share the Gospel at a funeral to many non-believers. Totally unexpected…Hubert Pun, the director of City Impact’s School of Ministry, asked me to preside over the funeral and burial for a family member who was not a believer. God’s grace met the special challenges for me to simultaneously bring comfort and share the message of Jesus to the mostly non-Christian mourners in this sensitive context. 

“With the sudden loss of my mother-in-law and the painful grieving ahead, my wife and I wanted to have an opportunity to share Christ's Gospel of love for our many non-believing family and friends. Steve's comforting and engaging words connected with many in my family who have been cold to the Gospel. I was extremely encouraged by the positive feedback from many uncles and aunts who heard the Gospel themes Steve shared at both services.” - Hubert Pun - City Impact Leadership and Director of the School of Ministry

GRACE was being invited to help rethink the current training at City Impact. Not my intent, but ministering at the funeral gave City Impact staff who attended a first-hand demonstration of the theology and values of Kingdom Rice at work in a sensitive setting. Prior to the funeral, I had already planted the idea of coaching their staff so they can begin to “take the reins” of everything they see me doing (as I’ve often aimed to do in other organizations). But after what the staff witnessed at the funeral, they now have a concrete picture of how a partnership with Kingdom Rice can support City Impact to be even more effective & embodied in the Tenderloin. In addition, they now have an expanded vision for leadership training so that the fruit of our partnership can have greater long-term effect. Oh the grace of God to orchestrate all this!

GRACE was God working behind the scenes for years before I stepped foot into City Impact.

“When Steve first walked into our staff meeting last month, I joyfully shared with him how God transformed my life after he spoke at my college retreat 12 years ago. It transformed my whole family and the course of my life, to attend seminary, and to join the ministry of City Impact. I had no way to thank Steve, until now! I’ve read many books on honor-shame and have yearned to find ways to apply this very relevant theology to our many students, but Steve and Kingdom Rice have been delivering this honor-shame framework in urban settings for years now. That’s exactly what our ministry in the Tenderloin needs!” - Ryan Hsu, City Impact School of Ministry

GRACE is the opportunity to coach and equip mission organizations like City Impact to deliver new ways to know and embody Jesus' love that centers around marginalized voices and spaces. Through the years, I minister as faithfully as I can. Behind the scenes however, God was orchestrating all these events together, unbeknownst to me. 

GRACE is the partnership I have with you! We literally could not be able to do this without you! Consider the Phil 4:17-19 blessing from God if you consider a a tax-deductible gift to Kingdom Rice here. YOU benefit; there's a joy to sharing this benefit together, the same joy Paul experienced in the whole letter of Phil.  I invite any questions or comments you might have about our vision, theology, finances, anything. Or just write to say hello here

Love, Steve

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