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A “New Lenses” Class 
Last month, Kingdom Rice started a six-week series designed to uncover the distorted lenses through which we view others, God, and ourselves.  Once identified, we can replace them with new lenses that enable us to better step into the often messy stories of others with empathy, especially those whose life experiences are unfamiliar to us. The interactive cohort format fosters accountability and encouragement, helping us step outside our comfort zones and determine how we can better embody the Good News and God’s Peace in faith-stretching settings. 

“Very timely moment to be talking about honor and shame in the context of the chaos of our world now.” -   A minister in the cohort 

I am inviting you to consider participating too!  Please let me know if you’re interested by clicking here. 

A New Book
I shared in late December that I’m writing a new book on support raising. The book speaks a new narrative into the systemic biases that have raised thresholds for people of color to onboard as missionaries in organizations that require support raising. Targeted for Asian missionaries, I believe it will play a role in helping usher in great growth in diversifying the current missionary force. 

It’s in the review and editing phase now. Let me share a few favorite excerpts from reviewers: (remember that these quotes come from a context 😀 )
  • "Paul makes it really clear in Philippians 4 that he does not receive gifts FROM them, but THROUGH them."  
  • "The concept of “face” did not come from Asians. It came from God’s Word. The goal (in soul care) is to train staff how to receive face from God."
  • "When you are inviting people to partner with you, know your tools, so that as you are speaking, it comes from your soul and not from a script."

A Pentecost Sermon
On Pentecost Sunday, the last Sunday of Asian-American month, I was asked by my dear friend Kirk Davis to preach at his African-American church. In my message, I tied the Asian and Black narratives of exclusion to the Spirit’s inclusive work at Pentecost. It's a work that joined all ethnic groups together in the Spirit’s continuing work of restoring voice, body, and place.

I wrote a post to briefly highlight the joining of Asian and Black stories in solidarity here. Included is a video of my sermon and a curated booklist to help us engage, feel, and pray. Click here. 

 Your partnership with Kingdom Rice helps provide for the new class, book, and teaching, which in turn enables us to examine our own lenses, speak new narratives of the Kingdom that replace “white-normal” with impartiality, and stand in solidarity with those who “can’t breathe.”

To Jesus our high priest during this pandemic season.     Love, Steve

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