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I would like to first of all welcome my new subscribers to the Monthly News. Let's just not tell them about it sometimes not being monthly, ok guys?

There's some more exciting shows coming up to which I am so happy to be involved with. I am totally in to the 'community' feel of music these days and that together we can all succeed, but individually we are bound to succumb to the evils of Melbourne's ever-expanding industry.

The live scene is certainly getting harder and harder to deal with around town, so every gig is cherished and an opportunity I otherwise wouldn't have to send my messages to the world. I appreciate all of your continued support!

August 2015

Songwriter Sessions presented by The Taste of Indie Collective
Prince Front Bar - Fitzroy St, St. Kilda

In the tradition of storytelling, the Songwriter Sessions present 3 great local acts, playing songs one-by-one on stage, interacting and speaking with both the crowd and amongst each other to better understand the messages behind the tunes and to enhance the intimate experience between audience and songwriter.

7:30 PM August 4th at The Prince of Wales Hotel (front bar). Free Entry, $10 meals and a whole lotta fun! Come on down, South-siders!

September 2015

Graceland Presents... Dear Monday
Little & Olver - 393 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

The return of a Melbourne favourite - Dear Monday provides an opportunity for local acts to strut their stuff in a reputable venue and have a cozy, attentive audience. Featuring in the past some amazing acts such as Maddison Wilson, Marlon Williams (NZ), Scott Cook (CAN) & Tim Woods, Dear Monday returns to a new venue to give artist that 'leg-up' opportunity. Free Entry.

Looking for further PAID shows - if you'd like to have me part of a bill, or hear of any slots opening up, please contact me via or pass my details on to others - paid shows only please.
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Last night I was attacked by an anonymous troll on my personal website.

It sickens me to think that some people in this world are out to ruin other people's happiness and improvements. What I have done in and with my life in the past 24 months has been the toughest, yet most rewarding struggle I have ever been through, and people like this don't get to negate, minimise or trivialise my experiences.

I want to use my experience in recovery to help others undergoing similar disenchantment and disadvantage. Shame on the people who are so insecure about themselves and so jealous of others making a difference in the world.

I would, however, like to extend a thank you to this person, for allowing me to realise that doubters just don't know, they don't understand, and they don't have any control in how you develop and advance.

That doesn't make it any more acceptable, and I hope that this kind of behaviour is continually challenged and countered to break down the stigma that sits beside living life alongside a mental illness diagnosis.

Read the full story HERE.

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ATTENTION: I am now providing professional services!

Please note, due to relocation, Live Sound prices have recently changed.

Live Sound - Flat Rates:
First 3 hours $80;
3-5 hrs $110;
5+ hrs $150

Professional Recording & Mixing:
First 5 tracks $120;
5+ tracks $200
Mastering not offered. References provided.

Bios & Informational Material $60
Reviews $0

MC & Hosting services:

Recording has stalled on my latest LP. My unexpected relocation to the Mornington Peninsula and lack of time and resources down here to continue has been a bit of a disadvantage.

However, the demo stage recordings are complete, and once a small amount of post-production is done, the guest musicians will start being able to write their parts! Exciting times ahead.
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Josh's 'Artist of the Moment': Alanna Eileen

Recently, I came across a voice that needed to be heard to be believed. A fragility and haunting grace that you can't imagine unless you hear it. It was the voice of the young and incredibly talented Melbourne-based songwriter, Alanna Eileen. Luckily enough, I was able to be her sound recordist for two unrelated shows and really make sure that her voice, and her light and tip-toeing guitar technique were cherished by each and every member of the audience.

So rare are voices like Alanna Eileen's that I can't even really give it justice with just my words. Her path to success has been swift and when you listen to what she has to offer, you can see why. The haunting fragility seeps from her physical voice down to her lyrical subject matter and her dark yet mesmerising stories and strums. If you've ever been looking for a complete artist in a solo, singer-songwriter setting, look no further than the gem that is Alanna Eileen.
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