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Welcome to the June issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue:
  • A new look for the newsletter
  • My remodeling escapades
  • Sidewalks galore 
  • Your Feng Shui tip
  • Your recycle tip
  • Thoughts of the month
Here we go!

The above photograph is of my backyard here in Portland. I thought you might enjoy seeing it! I decided to jazz up the newsletter, let me know what you think of the new look. As you can see from the picture above, the backyard played heavily into buying this jewel of a home. It backs up a green space, so I have no backyard neighbors. Even though, I live in the city, I feel as though I am out in the country, it's truly wonderful.

Frustrated architect!

As a young child, I used to draw floor plans of houses with my father, well, he drew, and I observed! I loved doing that with my dad. He died when I was only eighteen, that memory of spending time with him, papers sprawled out on the floor, pencils in hand, drawing dream homes on graph paper is crystal clear in my mind. As an adult, as soon as I walk into any home, I start to redesign it and most often, can come up with a better floor plan! So, it's no wonder, I am remodeling the home I bought here in Portland. I am in the middle of renovating the kitchen and bathrooms. I have always put my stamp on every home I have lived in. I think my father would be proud of the way my mind works, or at least I hope he would be. I hope you and yours will have a wonderful Father's day this coming Sunday. Do something enjoyable with your father, seize the moment!

If you build them, they will walk!

Every road here has sidewalks, I am still amazed as to how many people walk in Oregon. It goes to show that if you spend the money to build sidewalks and bike lanes, the citizens of your city will take advantage of such a great asset. I love walking, now that my knee has healed, I am so grateful that there are sidewalks and I can walk freely without the fear of being hit by a car. I do wish that all cities would spend the extra dollars to provide this amenity for it's citizens, it would make for a healthier population.

Your Feng Shui tip!

Your Feng Shui tip is in the box below. Let me know what you think of the new format!


Recycling water is a great way to save on money and water-- our most precious resource. I usually save the water from rinsing the dishes for my outdoor garden. I also save water so that I can soak dishes that have caked on food. I never throw water away, I keep a bucket and collect water in it to use for soaking or watering plants. Try it, you'll be amazed how many different ways your can use saved water.


Growing up in Nairobi, we didn't celebrate Father's Day, I have a feeling my father would not have been impressed with a day set aside for fathers. He was a man of few words, as an adult I judge him by his actions. He was a father of six children, I am not sure how he maintained his sanity! I remember he had a long fuse, slow to anger. He instilled in us the value of education and hard work. We lost him all too soon, my mother was the one who raised us. I have appreciated both my parents for the different strengths they gave us. As Father's Day rolls around, I find myself thinking of my dad and trying really hard to imagine what he might say to baby Nina, his great granddaughter? I think he would just smile and play "Utay Maya" a game he played with all of us as children, where he would rock us back and forth perched on his legs singing a song. I miss you Daddy.

Enjoy Father's Day!
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This is your Feng Shui tip, in your bedroom you need to have a clear view of the door, two equal size nightstands and enough room around the bed. This will ensure a good night's sleep.
These are some of the paintings I have painted over the years along with some of my pottery pieces. I thought you'd enjoy seeing them!
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