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Welcome to the August issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue:
  • End of summer
  • Tarot readings
  • Numerology parties
  • Your Feng Shui tip
  • Your recycle tip
  • Mind's amusement
The above photograph was taken at the Japanese Gardens, here in Portland.
Let's get started!
So long summer of 2015!

The end of summer is always hard for me, I think it reminds me of the time when my children had to go back to school. In Oklahoma school started in the middle of August, it was so hard to send both my kids off to school so early in the morning. I am a night owl, this newsletter is being penned at midnight! While other mothers were happy that summer had ended, I cried as the end approached, we all enjoyed our summers and time together. This summer was special, I got to have my daughter here for most of the summer, we got into a very easy and comfortable routine. On the weekends, after our jaunt to the farmer's market, we would see my son, daughter in law and my grand daughter for brunch at a local Indian restaurant. Long leisurely brunches and good conversation was followed by a walk with my grand daughter and daughter, giving my son and his wife time to decompress. A visit to Vancouver, Canada was also carved out, to see family. I think my daughter and I gained at least five pounds each! But, it was worth it!


Anytime you feel that a decision is too difficult to make, or you are concerned about the outcome of a path you are about to embark upon, it's a good idea to seek the help of Tarot cards. These amazing cards show you your possible outcomes in beautiful picture form. I have been reading Tarot cards since the mid 80's, to begin with I was wary of their accuracy. As time has passed, I have come to respect these cards. My clients regularly call me for a reading for guidance. Tarot does not give you a path carved in stone, but, instead gives you guidance as to how a certain situation can be handled. I am able to read long distance as well as in person, so call me if you ever have the need! A half hour session costs $65.00.

Numerology parties!

As we get closer to fall and the looming holiday season, here's a clever and unusual way to entertain your guests-- a numerology party! This is great for women friends (or male friends!) to have me come and do mini numerology readings. Numerology is about personality and what influences are present due to the day, month and year a person is born under. A bit like astrology, though, more static since moving planets are not involved in the numerology chart. The date you are born does not change, those influences stay with you for your entire life. I find numerology to be precise and I love doing quick readings for parties. A quick 15 minute reading costs $20.00. It's a fun way for your friends to learn more about why they do the things they do!

Recycle tips and fun facts.

Take leftover plastic bags back to grocery stores where they are collected and reused to make plastic lumber. Use washable cloths instead of throwaway wipes. Here's a fun fact! $160 billion, is the value of the global recycling industry that employs over 1.5 million people!

The wanderings of my mind.

When I am out for a walk daily, if ever I see something on the road that can be recycled, I pick it up and put it into my recycling bin. Of course, I always wash my hands afterwards. I often think, what will future generations think of us? Will they wonder why we wasted so much of the earth's resources, will they wonder why we wasted so much fresh water daily? Let's face it, with *7 Billion* of us on this planet, a time will come when we will outstrip our resources, the time to economize is now, not when the situation becomes dire. Recycling, reusing, reducing are the three words I live by daily, it's easy to do once you place yourself in the reducing zone-- take your own bags to the grocery store, after a while it will become an easy habit. Let me know the ways you reduce your carbon foot print. I would love to hear your ideas! Please share with me. Until next time…

Have fun on Labor day!
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Here is your Feng Shui tip! Place a green candle in the room where someone is recuperating or is ailing, the candle does not need to burn. Green is the healing color, wear something green if you are under the weather.
My son and I at Mt. St. Helens on our annual trip to this hallowed ground. We love going here, my son has been fascinated with this volcano ever since he was five years old!
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