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Welcome to the November issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue:
  • Is it November already
  • Television time
  • Teaching in the spring of 2015
  • Tarot readings
  • Your Feng Shui tip
  • Your recycle tip
  • Thoughts
And off we go!
The end of 2014 is near!

I think I blinked my eyes and all of 2014 slipped away! How can it be November already? Soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and then, the holiday season will be upon us. We will bid 2014 adieu and start all over again! It's important to keep healthy during this ultra stressful time of the year. I am amused, that a time when really we should be hibernating we are super busy! Clear clutter from your home now before company descends upon you. Clutter makes you lethargic and it is the cause of irritation, leading to many family squabbles. The best way to circumvent tirades from drama seeking family members is to spritz your home with water mixed with fresh lemon juice, a pinch of lavender and a sprinkling of cinnamon. This will calm the energy in your home. Try it and let me know how you fared!

Back on the air!

Now that I have recovered from knee surgery, I will resume my once a month appearance on AM Northwest. I will be on KATU on Nov. 21st @ 9:00 am. I intend to talk about the different Feng Shui cures you can employ to survive the upcoming Holiday season! If you live in the Portland area, please tune in, or you can always catch the segments on my website. Here's the link

Feng Shui classes in Spring 2015!

I will be teaching at Portland Community College spring of next year. I will let you know which campus I will be teaching and how you can sign up for the classes here in Portland. I was a little apprehensive about my interview process, but it all went smoothly and after I fill out a mountain of paperwork, I will be yet again gainfully employed! I am so looking forward to this opportunity. I have truly missed teaching!

To Tarot or not!

I will be doing Tarot readings on Nov. 15th. at Studio Luxe, spa and salon in the Pearl District of Portland., if you happen to be in the area, drop in and see me! I am often approached by people who are curious about Tarot readings. Some are apprehensive about having their future be foretold, and others don't believe in the process. At times there are a few people who become too dependent on this most unusual oracle. The Tarot is a tool that allows you to see what possible outcome lies ahead while you continue on your chosen path. It's really a pictorial rendition of what is to come. Sounds ominous, does it not? But, it's not, I believe at some level we are always aware of what lies ahead. After all, we are the masters of our own journey, we make the daily decisions which lead us to the path we are on. I believe, if we tune in, we can pick up on nuances of the future. So, how can there be surprises on the way? The Tarot shows in pictures, the possibilities that lay ahead. It is a great tool for clarification and forewarned is forearmed! If you are interested in scheduling a reading, check out my website.

Your Feng Shui tip is in the box below. 

Here's your recycle tip!

Choosing bio-degrable soaps for your laundry will help stop pollution of our waterways. These laundry soaps are gentle yet pack a punch when they are cleaning, my favorite is Seventh Generation laundry and cleaning supplies. Check them out

Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts!

This past weekend my son and daughter in law invited me to accompany them to the Oregon coast. We went to Cannon Beach with baby Nina. She loved the ocean and was fearless when it came to the waves, reminded me of another little fish, my daughter! Alas, it was too cold for her to truly frolic in the water. She loved sand and enjoyed just throwing it around. Next summer we will definitely take spades and pails with us, so she can be properly schooled in the art of sand castle building! While I sat and watched my son and his wife play with Nina, it reminded me of my time with my two children, I am so glad that I took the time to play with them when they were young. We built many sand castles, as well as digging holes to try and reach China! I had visions of Nina and I going on a road trip to Vancouver BC, just so that we can eat "gol guppai" an Indian snack food, which I love. Please feel free to drop me a note, I would love to hear from you!

From my family to yours, enjoy Thanksgiving!
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Here's your Feng Shui tip: Having a meandering path in your garden will enhance the Chi, and allow for the energy to be calm in your surroundings!
Here's an image of Haystack rock, at Cannon Beach! Come visit Oregon!
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