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Welcome to the April issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue:
  • My trip to OKC
  • My latest appearance on Television 
  • Traveling maven
  • Teaching again
  • Your Feng Shui tip
  • Your recycle tip
  • Mind rumblings
Away we go!
Wide open spaces of Oklahoma!

I spent ten days with my wonderful daughter and grand pups in Oklahoma City. My home away from home. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces and I met new clients as well. Oklahoma has a very expansive feel. The wind still comes sweeping down the plains! I witnessed a super thunderstorm, with heavy rain and lightening. The only way Oklahoma knows how to give rain-- with a lot of thunder and lightening! I did a lot of Tarot readings and the rest of the time was spent balancing clients homes as well as businesses. It was a very good visit!   

Television segments.

My latest television appearance has been uploaded, this time I talked about how to Feng Shui your garden. A great suggestion by my dear friend Sharon. Just click on the link and it will take you to my website.

Airplanes and cars!

I enjoy traveling, it's something I have been looking forward to. Last year all I did was prepare for knee surgery, recover from knee surgery and then do it all over again. Now that the knees are doing quite well, it has been fun to get behind the wheel and travel to Vancouver, Canada. Now my family lives just a short seven hour drive, instead of a long 4-5 day drive! My family may not be that pleased, I intend to go every six to eight weeks. I love going to Vancouver, it's a beautiful city and after having spent so much time away from my siblings, it's great that I can see them more than just once a year. I have also enjoyed flying, and this time flying to OK, it was so gratifying to be able to walk the full length of the airport. In the past few years, I had to depend on wheelchairs in order to get to and from the gates. 

Teaching Feng Shui at PCC!

I will be teaching Feng Shui at the Willow Creek Center of Portland Community College on Wednesday April 15th. I am so happy to be back at teaching again! Next month I will be teaching Numerology at the same campus. If you live in the Portland area you can go on line to look up the classes I will be teaching, here is the link for the Feng Shui class.
Here is the link for the Numerology class.

Your recycle tip.

Since we will celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. why not plant a tree in honor of Mother Earth. Trees are the lungs of the planet, we are cutting down trees at an alarming rate. So, anytime that you plant a tree it helps of offset the balance. Consider planting a mighty Oak and naming it after a loved one. National Arbor Day association is a great place to start! Here's their link.


It was rather bitter/sweet to be back in Oklahoma, it was familiar and alien at the same time. The warmth of my daughter's home was welcoming, the roads were so recognizable! I felt as if I had slipped on an old, cozy, comfortable coat, and then in a moment, as I drove by my old neighborhood, I realized I no longer lived there. Then, the landscape began to feel alien. Sadness filled my heart knowing that, that part of my life was now over. I no longer lived in Oklahoma, a place I had called home for four decades. Realizing that my daughter has carved out a new life in OKC without me was difficult to witness, at the same time gratifying, because I want her to be happy and bloom where she lives. It was good to spend time with friends, and take care of my clients and make new connections. It's fantastic to be in demand! It is difficult to leave the familiar behind and be back in Oregon, my new home. This is where I need to make new memories with my son and his family, and forge new relationships. Then, this place will become my new familiar. Though, I will always hold a special place in my heart for Oklahoma. One thing is for sure, the only thing in life that is a constant is -- change!

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Here's your Feng Shui tip! Dust in your home is enemy number ONE! It clouds your thinking and makes you lethargic. Dust your entire home at least once a week!
Here's a stunning picture of a beautiful Oklahoma sunset taken on I-40 driving west from Shawnee!
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