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Welcome to the November issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue:
  • Tolerance
  • Gratitude
  • Television
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  • Your recycle tip
  • Mind wisps
The above image is a popular Feng Shui cure, it can be used to invite prosperity into your home and life.


Our world is being rocked by so many terrorist acts. Home grown angry people and people abroad, mad. I have been saddened by the horror that unfolded in Paris, the shootings in Newtown, Oregon and Colorado Springs. The bombings in Mali and Beirut. Just wishing and praying for everyone to get along is not enough anymore, we as citizens of this world need to open a dialogue with people from different faiths and cultures so that we can understand each other better. Have compassion towards people who are dealing with personal demons, a measured approach towards guns.  I don't know the answers, I do know that communication can facilitate better understanding between cultures and help bridge the divides we suffer from.


I practice gratitude daily, a few times, it's hard to come up with five things I am grateful for. On those days, I remember the silly things my grand daughter laughs at and the creative games we play, and I am grateful that she wants to spend time with me. I do know that daily, I am so grateful for my absolutely resilient body. I have put these old bones through a lot in the past three years, and every single day, that I am able to go for my walk around the neighborhood, I say a silent prayer of gratitude. Let me know what you are grateful for?

TV appearance.

Here is the link to all of my television appearances, You can always check out the new segments, since I do a monthly show, on KATU here in Portland.


I love recycling! I get so much joy out of reusing, recycling and reducing my carbon footprint on this world. I reuse the plastic bags I use for produce again and again, until they are unusable, and then, I recycle them. I always take my own bags to all the stores I shop at, not just the grocery store. I always refuse a bag for smaller items, or if it's just one item. I keep my house thermostat at a cold 58 degrees ( brrr..) while I sleep. My daughter can attest to living in the arctic circle! These are just a few suggestions for reducing your carbon footprint.


My friend Farzana and I have been friends since we were both fifteen years old. We met in Hounslow, Middlesex in England. We were both Saturday girls at the local Woolworths on High street! Farzana was also born in Kenya, as was I. Her faith is Muslim, where as, I am a Hindu. My father's family barely escaped from what became Pakistan, when India was divided by the British during partition. It was the largest forced relocation of people in the world. My father's family lost their home, land, belongings, they escaped with the shirts on their backs. He had good reason not to like Pakistanis or Muslims, yet we were never fed that hatred or prejudice. Hindus and Muslims have a contentious history, yet, all I feel for Farzana is love, and her love for me is reciprocated. We both got married young and had our babies around the same time. In all these years we have stayed in touch with each other, first through snail mail, then telephone calls, now with e-mail, phone calls and visits. She lives in Canada with her family. We respect each other's faiths, she remembers to call me and wish me a Happy Diwali, I must say, most of the time, I forget to wish her, Eid Mubarak! She has a place in my heart and will always do so. I wish more parents would raise their children with tolerance, as Farzana and I were.

Peace be upon you!
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Here's your Feng Shui tip! Life is getting ready to be hectic for everyone in the next few weeks. Spritz your home with lemon, lavender and cinnamon infused water. This will help to calm the chaotic energy in your home!
Here's a picture of Farzana with her two children, Adil and Nadia. Along with me and my two children, Mahesh and Reina. This was taken in 1979 in London, England.
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