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  • Knee surgery
  • My return appearance on AM NW
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Knee replacement...

On Feb. 19th I went in for a total knee replacement for my left knee. Years of long-distance running as well as walking 3 miles daily didn't help the wear and tear of my knee joint. After trying to avoid the surgery for the past ten years, I finally relented and went under the knife! That is the reason you didn't receive a newsletter for the months of March and April. I am glad to say that after grueling physical therapy, I am doing really well. I can now walk without pain and am enjoying going for long walks, something I have been unable to do for the past several years. I am not looking forward to another knee operation for the right knee. Something I will have to face sooner rather than later!

Television appearance!

I will be on a local show here in Portland, called AM Northwest. They have graciously invited me to come back. I will be on the show again on Tuesday May 6th. This time I will be talking about financial tips. After having given Uncle Sam his share of our hard earned money, it's time to figure out how to make more money or, how to make what we have last longer! Feng Shui can help you navigate financial challenges. I am so grateful for this opportunity and am enjoying the notoriety! You can watch my segment on my website, or on my Facebook page Let me know what you think!

Mini readings!

Ever wondered why your pet behaves the way she/he does, well, I have an answer for you according to numerology! You can purchase a mini reading for only $3.00. Follow the link to my website, fill out your information, pay at Paypal's secure site and I will send you your reading. Pretty simple! For a reading about your's dog's personality go to this link, For a reading about your cat's personality go to this link,
A financial Feng Shui tip!

Here's your Feng Shui tip, the best way to stretch your money is to know exactly where it is going. So often, my clients tell me, money comes and just as quickly goes away. I call this phenomenon unconscious spending, or being asleep at the wheel of your money wagon! You have to become aware of how and where you are spending your money. To figure this out, you have to write down each expense daily for a month. At the end of the month, you will have a treasure trove of information in your hands. This way you can see where each penny is being spent. Do this valuable exercise for a month and you'll be able to see how you are unconsciously spending money. Let me know your results!

Your recycle tip.

Unplugging your electronic gadgets will save you a hefty amount of money. While your appliances and gadgets are plugged in and not in use, they are still siphoning off energy and costing you money! So, unplug your gadgets when not in use!

Final thoughts.

I am looking forward to planting a garden here, since I will not be trekking westwards from Oklahoma this summer. Nothing survives if you are gone for most of the summer. I think tomatoes, serrano peppers, cilantro and strawberries are on the planting agenda. Start small and expand next year! It is amazing how much walking I have done since my knee replacement, it's a bit confusing to have no pain while walking! I feel sad, that for so long I had resigned myself to excruciating knee pain. I had viewed knee surgery as a horrible alternative, I felt sure that I could keep on going, my life would not be adversely impacted. Yet, over the years, the pain of bone on bone joint kept limiting my activities. Now after the surgery I realize how inhibited my life had become. Sometimes going under the knife can be the best decision one can make! Please feel free share with me your news, I would love to hear from you!

Looking forward to a glorious summer!

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