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Welcome to the December issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue:
  • The end of 2014 looms
  • Television appearance
  • Teaching Numerology too, spring of 2015
  • Your Feng Shui tip
  • Your recycle tip
  • Contemplations
And away we go!
The above flowering plant is a favorite of Nina's, she loves to look at the blooms and every so often pulls a bud to carry with her, on her walks with her Nana.
So long 2014!

In about fifteen days, 2014 will be gone, and we will only remember it as a reference point to our memories. For me it will be the year of the double knee surgery escapades! I am happy to say that I am doing really well post op. I have been slowly but steadily increasing my walking time in the evening come rain, rain or more rain! The reason Oregon is so beautiful during the summer is because there is a deluge of rain in the fall, winter and spring. I am learning to carry my umbrella with me all the time. I am going to need waterproof boots so that my feet are not soaking wet all the time! Share with me your stories of 2014, was it the type of year you hoped it would be?

AM Northwest!

I will be on KATU's AM Northwest on Dec. 19th @ 9:00 am. This month I am going to talk about the magical number 27. Want to change the energy of your home, move 27 things around or get rid of 27 items. I will explain more on the show, so you'll have to tune in and watch or catch it on my website. If you live in the Portland area, please tune in, or you can always catch the segments on my website. Here's the link

Numerology class Spring 2015!

I will be teaching Numerology at Portland Community College spring of next year. I will be teaching at the Willow Creek campus in Beaverton. I was happy to find out that after my interview last month, they wanted me to teach Numerology as well. It will be enjoyable to teach my twin interests here in Oregon!

Your Feng Shui tip is in the box below. 

Here's your recycle tip!

You don't have to scrub food cans clean, that is wasting water. The recycling centers have high powered rinsers that get rid of food particles before cans or other items are recycled. It's best to rinse out the cans lightly so that they don't attract vermin, but other than that, scrubbing is not required!

My reflections...

I have taken my surgeries in stride this year, though, I did notice that my children, siblings and friends have had more trepidation. Which is understandable, while I am under anesthesia, they have to wait around for the outcome. I suppose my lifelong attitude of, when it's my time to leave this plane of existence, nothing can halt that departure, does not sit well with those close to me. Especially since Joan Rivers went in for a simple procedure and stayed on the other side of the veil. Joan just went to sleep, her loved ones have been left with the anguish of her loss. For me, my daily life has always been in clear focus, live each day to it's best possible outcome. Enjoy that walk with your grandchild, reveling in the wonder of this world through her eyes. Hug your children daily and tell them they are loved. Call your siblings and friends and let them know you are thinking of them. Have no regrets. It shouldn't take surgeries or an illness to bring your life to attention, the lens on your life always needs to be at a point of convergence. Please write to me and let me know how you are!

Have joy in your life!
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Here's your Feng Shui tip: Having two Foo dogs by either side of your front door will protect your home. Not a fan of Foo dogs? Then, place two lions or even gargoyles!
Here's a photo I took of pink rhododendron this spring, I love the way the light is shinning through the flower!
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