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Welcome to the February issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue:
  • Happy Leap Day!
  • Spring
  • Feng Shui consultations
  • Your Feng Shui tip
  • Your recycle tip
  • Musings
Welcome to Leap Day!

Pay it forward!

We have been given an extra day today! A whole 24 hours! What do you plan to do with these extra, golden 24 hours?! I plan to pay it forward. Recently, I went to the Dollar store and bought socks, peanut butter, soup in a can, breakfast bars, toothbrushes and toothpaste. I put some of these items into a plastic bag and labeled it "The blessings bag". I place a few of the bags in my car, whenever I see someone in need, I hand them a bag. For many years, I have struggled with panhandlers, I have been angered by them, I have ignored them, I have been sad to see their plight and yet, I did nothing, because I didn't want to be manipulated. I read somewhere that homeless people are in dire need of good socks, something we all take for granted. I decided to buy socks and hand them out along with few staples. I am against giving money, because, I don't know how that will be used. I still believe, that, if you can stand on a corner and beg for food or money, you can hold down a steady job. In a way, they are working for themselves, they set their own hours and they get to work outdoors-- not bad! So why did I change my mind and decide to give? I feel this way, I am connecting with another human being and I am helping her the best way I know how. I know, I am being manipulated. I am not doing this for a higher purpose, I am doing this because it makes me feel good, that's all.

Spring has sprung!

Daffodils! The sure sign of spring, they are everywhere, I am so grateful to see their cheery faces, it has been a very long winter here. It rained the entire month of December, all records have been broken for rainfall. Though, I am always happy to see rain clouds coming, even, I got tired of cloudy skies! So, anytime I can squeeze in half hour walk without rain droplets, I go for it!

I have been very busy with Feng Shui consultations lately. New clients here in Portland are finding me through the television show I do monthly. At the same time many repeat clients from Oklahoma have contacted me for long distance consultations. It's always great when a client buys a new house and needs my help in balancing the energies of a new abode! 

Your recycle tip is in the box below!

Mind wanderings.

I was at the grocery store being very picky about the grapes I was about to bring home, when a man came up to me and said "You are on channel 2!" I was taken back, because, honestly, I didn't remember the number of the television channel my segment comes on. I looked at him bewildered, he continued saying "you are the numbers lady, I really enjoy watching you." I smiled and thanked him. A week later, the checkout clerk, did the same thing, this time, I was more prepared, while all the people standing in line were trying to figure out who I was! ;-)
Please drop me a line and let me know how you are doing.

Enjoy your bonus 24 hours! 
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Here's your Feng Shui tip! Place a birdbath by your front door, not only will you be helping our feathered friends, but you'll also be enhancing your career!
This is your recycle tip! You know those mesh bags your oranges, lemons or onions come in? Repurpose those bags! Reuse mesh bags as pan scrubbers! Just stuff a few into one bag and then tie a knot at the end of the bag! Voila!
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