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Welcome to the August issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue:
  • Exploring Oregon
  • Birthday celebration
  • Television appearance
  • Anatomy of a consultation
  • Articles written by me
  • Your Feng Shui tip
  • Your recycle tip
  • Thoughts
Here we go!

Oregon the Beautiful!

The above photograph was taken while my daughter Reina was visiting with her two adorable cockers, Koko and Sazi. We took a small mother, daughter vacation to the Oregon coast. After a short two hour drive through a tree canopied landscape, we arrived at Cannon Beach. We spent a few days relaxing, listening to the sound of waves from the ocean. The rock formation in the background is called Haystack Rock. This monolithic rock is 235 feet high, it is one of the largest "sea stacks" along the Pacific coast. The rock is accessible during low tide, you can actually reach up and touch it! It is a nesting ground to many sea birds and a haven for other sea creatures. It is protected as a marine habitat under the wildlife and sea refuge regulations.

Two years old!

My darling granddaughter just had her second birthday! Time is moving faster the older I get! It didn't seem that long ago when I held that sweet baby in my arms and she was just a day old. She captured my heart instantly. Before she was born, I dreamt about her, it amazes me how much her dream image resembles her now. We celebrated her birthday with a royal tea party, she loved it and was on a sugar high for the rest of the day! It's good when you can hand over the child to the parents and say "bye, bye"!

AM Northwest!

I was on television on Friday August 15th, you can check out the clip by clicking on the link It was interesting because before the show, I met Jay Pharaoh of Saturday Night Live fame. The month before that I met Kevin Nealon also from SNL. This time I had my wits about me and actually took a photograph! You can see the shot on my Twitter feed. "". Let me know what you think of the television segment.

To book a consult, or not to book a consult?!

Ever wondered what I do when I come to your home for a Feng Shui consultation? Well, to begin with, I don't want you to clean your home! I need to see what your home looks like in it's natural state. This way I can see where the energy is stuck. Usually after a quick walk through of your home, I can tell you which areas of your life need attention. Your life is reflected in your home. If you are experiencing challenges with finances, romance, career or, your creative ability seems to be stalled; this will express itself in different areas of your home. My consultation usually lasts about two hours, at the end, I give you tasks to accomplish and follow up with you every 4 to 6 weeks. I feel I need to help guide you through the de-cluttering process and I remain available via e-mail for as long as you need me. There-- see, it's easy!

Feng Shui articles.

Over the years I have written numerous articles on Feng Shui, if you are interested in reading them please click on this link.

Your Feng Shui tip is in the box below. 

Your recycle tip!

I don't really know if this is a tip or not, but it is a thought provoking little bit of information. Did you know that it takes 27,000 trees a day to take care of the world's toilet paper needs? Whoa! 

More rumblings!

Summer is fast slipping away from us, I am not sure if I am ready for winter and shorter days. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful during summer, though, winter can be challenging. For me, another knee surgery is looming, this time the right knee needs to be replaced. I kept hoping that perhaps I would not need another operation, but alas, that is not so. I know that after the surgery and physical therapy I will be glad, it is the thought of going under the knife and subsequently the rehab that is so daunting. Though, when I look back, I am happy that I am able to walk pain free on the left side and soon, I will be able to walk pain free on both legs!
I would love to hear from you, so please do share your thoughts with me.

Enjoy the end days summer!
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This is your Feng Shui tip, too often people have the tendency to place furniture hugging the walls. The best way to keep energy flowing in your home is to have furniture placed at an angle and allow space to walk around in a room unencumbered. Create small intimate conversation areas, this way, you and your guests will feel comfortable and at ease!
Another photo from our mother daughter excursions, Mt. St. Helens is in the background. The last time Reina saw this mountain was in 1980. It had erupted about a month before our visit. We were not able to get this close but we did see the devastation caused by the volcano at the bank of Toutle River. 
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