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Welcome to the September issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue:
  • Another knee surgery
  • Television appearance
  • Mini readings
  • Your Feng Shui tip
  • Your recycle tip
  • Musings
Off we go!
The above photograph is of me and Jay Pharaoh from Saturday Night Live, he was kind enough to pose with me the last time I was AM Northwest.
Here we go again!

Well, it's time for the second knee surgery. It seems all I have done this year is prepare for surgery and then recuperate from surgery. Both knees needed to be replaced, best to get it over with and move forward, no pun intended! If you happen to think of me on Sept. 17th, send good vibes my way, I sure can use some healing energy. Thank you in advance! :-)

I am ready for my close up!

I was on television on Tuesday Sept. 9th, you can check out the clip by clicking on the link . You need to check it out because my segment has a ton of tips on how to improve your financial situation, that should get your attention! Please let me know what you think!

An assortment of readings!

I enjoy doing in-depth readings, though sometimes it's fun to do mini reading for a quick look. Mini readings allow you to have a peek into the larger picture, to see if you want to do a more in-depth reading. Want to know what type of vibration your home has? Well, there is a reading for that. Or, if you want to find out how compatible you are with your mate, check out this link.
Your cat and dog have personalities too. Follow the link to my website and see what might interest you.

Your Feng Shui tip is in the box below. 

Here's your recycle tip!

Saving your veggie scraps for the compost is a great idea. For me since I am a vegetarian it's a simple way to recycle my veggie scraps to yield rich organic matter for my garden. It saves from more garage going into the landfill and you get to have rich soil for your garden, free of charge!

My refections!

The summer of 2014 will soon be a memory, the long hazy days of summer are giving way to cooler crisper weather. The winds of change can be felt in the breeze. The other day, I took a class in bulb planting, I am determined to be a prolific gardner! I have always admired the English garden, a spot of heaven, where one can enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon surrounded by a bevy of lush flowers. I hope to have splashes of color throughout my backyard. I want to be able to produce paintings inspired by my garden plantings. To be able to sit in the afternoon and soak in the beauty. I will keep you apprised of my progress.
Let me know what you want to accomplish in your life? Please share your dreams with me.

Cool breezes are a coming!
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Here is the link to your Feng Shui tip! How to attract more money into your life! Enjoy!
Earlier, this year I visited an incredible rhododendron garden. Everyday, I am amazed at the beauty present here in the Pacific Northwest.
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