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Happy Valentine's Day!

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  • Year of the Horse
  • My return appearance on AM NW
  • Mini readings for sale
  • A romance Feng Shui tip just for you
  • Your recycle tip
  • Final thoughts
And, away we go!

Let's gallop away!

On January 31st the Chinese New Year began, it is the year of the Horse. People born in the year of the Horse will be bright, cheerful, energetic and fun loving. Expect the stock market to fluctuate having wide swings. Horse year is considered to be fortunate and will bring good luck, It will be an excellent year for travel and will bring rewards to those people who act decisively. Those who procrastinate will not garner the energy of the fast moving Horse. If you are interested in a mini reading of your personality according to Chinese astrology, go to this link.

Television appearance!

Last month, I appeared on a local show here in Portland, called AM Northwest. They have graciously invited me to come back. I will be on the show again on Tuesday Feb. 4th. This time I will be talking about romance tips for married folk as well as single people looking for new love. All those times I was on television in Oklahoma City, has prepared me well for my appearance here in Portland. I am so grateful for this opportunity and am enjoying the notoriety! You can watch my segment on my website, or on my Facebook page Let me know what you think!

Mini compatibility reading!

Ever wondered if you are compatible with your mate according to numerology? Well, you are in luck, until February 14th, I am running a Valentine's special. You can purchase a mini reading for the discounted price of only $3.00. Usually this reading costs $10.00. Follow the link to my website, fill out your information, pay at Paypal's secure site and I will send you your reading. Pretty simple!
Love is in the air!

Here's your Feng Shui tip, want to bring the sizzle back into your love life? Make your bedroom an oasis for romance. Add pink accents to your bedroom, get rid of clutter, get pink sheets for your bed and watch sparks fly. To bring in a new romance, wear something pink for 9 consecutive days, beginning with the NEW moon. This little cure works for both men and women! 

Your recycle tip.

Buying products that have been made from recycled material helps the environment, new materials are not used, thus saving precious energy. Look on the labels to find the post consumer logo, this will let you know the material has been previously recycled!

Final thoughts.

I am slowly getting used to life in the Pacific Northwest, spending time with my granddaughter has eased the loss of seeing my daughter daily. I am grateful I get to talk with my daughter daily and get to see my son often. Portland is a beautiful city, I am amazed to see how many people walk here. Of course, it's made easy for everyone to walk safely with sidewalks on all the roads. Every road has a bike lane. It is a biking city, after all! This city is also very pet friendly, every store I go to has a large water bowl for your four legged pals, pretty cool! Please feel free share with me your news, I would love to hear from you!

Maybe spring is peeking around the corner!

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