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Numerology gift.

I need to build up my consultancy here in the Pacific Northwest, so I need your help! Please share my newsletter with your friends on the west coast. The three states I am interested in are, California, Oregon and Washington. Get your friends to sign up for my newsletter and become a fan my Facebook page: and I will do your first name numerology and your friend(s) name numerology FREE! Let me know who you are inviting to join my newsletter and my FB page, ask your friend(s) to share with me your name, and you are both winners! Get busy sharing, and, thank you!

2014 Numerology.

For the planet, 2014 will be a 7 year, which means it will be a spiritual year. Expect people to be more introspective and contemplative. Spirituality will be heightened during the entire year. It's a good year for growth, it will be a good financial year for the planet-- hello stock market! Though, addictions could also be on the rise, planet wide. 

Portland, my new home.

It was quite an adventure uprooting myself from my life in Oklahoma. I moved from London, England to Shawnee, Oklahoma in 1972! Oklahoma had been my home for more than forty years. It's a good thing I am Feng Shui consultant, it didn't take that long to pack, since I live a streamlined life. My son and daughter helped me unpack once I arrived in Portland, it took about a month to unpack and organize everything and hang up my artwork. The most joyous part has been getting to know my granddaughter! This part of the country is truly beautiful, I have not yet gotten used to seeing Mt. Hood's majesty on the horizon. I am always awestruck when I spy it's snowcapped peak. Oregon is a health conscious state, I am also getting used to people walking, biking, running and using public transportation! The weather has been temperate and hardly any wind to speak of. Of course, I miss the familiarity of Oklahoma City, my daughter, my clients and my friends. I am looking forward to making new friends here and increasing my client base.

Your Feng Shui tip.

The new year has arrived, to jump start any part of your life, get rid of 27 items from your home. It can be any 27 items, even twenty seven pieces of papers or mail. This action will help shift the energy in your environment and get you to be motivated--27 is a magical number!

Your recycle tip.

Saving water is my top priority, we here in the USA take water for granted. So many people in the world do not have direct access to water. Imagine having to walk several miles to a well to bring home water for the family for the day. Most of the time this arduous task falls upon the women of the family. So, next time you leave the tap running think about having to walk for miles just to bring home a bucket of water.

Final ruminations...

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Winter, winter go away!

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