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Welcome to the October issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue:
  • Recovery from knee surgery
  • Teaching again
  • Festival of Lights
  • Your Feng Shui tip
  • Your recycle tip
  • Thoughts
Away we go!
The above photograph is of how you need to welcome "Chi" into your home!
Feeling better!

I am doing really well after my second knee surgery. This is a much stronger leg and the improvement has been amazing. My dear friend Sharon quipped "Well, at least you don't have six more legs, now you are done!" I agree, no more knee surgeries! I am now looking forward to chasing after my granddaughter to my heart's content!

Feng Shui classes in Portland!

I will be teaching at Portland Community College next year. I am so looking forward to this opportunity. I have truly missed teaching. This is going to be a welcome change to my routine. I have felt very disconnected since I stopped teaching. For me, sharing my knowledge of this vast and amazing subject matter is very important. I love to see the connection people make between the way their home looks and how that affects their lives. I hope the classes here will be just as popular as they were back in OKC!


Diwali is the Hindu festival of Lights being celebrated this year on Oct. 23rd. The holiday is determined by the Lunar calendar, each year it falls towards the end of October or early November. It will be wonderful to be able to share this occasion with my son, daughter, daughter in law and that precious grand baby!

Your Feng Shui tip is in the box below. 

Here's your recycle tip!

Save those fall leaves! Don't bag them up for the landfill, instead use them in your compost. Or, use them as a ground blanket for your plants. This way they'll decompose into rich organic matter, and at the same time provide warmth for your perennials!

Thinking thoughts!

I have way too much time on my hands. Not being able to drive, there is very little to do when a person is recuperating from knee replacement surgery. There is only so much television I can watch and sometimes reading is difficult, with throbbing pain. So, I think! I spend time fascinated by spiders spinning their webs, how beautiful they are and what a work of art, glistening in the breeze, so delicate and yet so strong. I like all of God's creatures except for mosquitos, fleas and ticks, all of whom have caused pain to my four legged children! I hope you have time to just muse and enjoy the wonder of this incredible planet! Please drop me a line and let me know what you have been up to!

Crisp air and rain, enjoy it!
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If your front door is hard to open, that indicates frustrations and you could be having problems with your career. Either fix it, or replace it!
Here's an image of Diwali lights. Light a candle on October 23rd. and make a wish for the new coming year.
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