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Welcome to the March issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue:
  • Traveling to OKC
  • Television clips
  • Oregon lifestyle
  • Your Feng Shui tip
  • Your recycle tip
  • Thoughts
Let's get started!
In Oklahoma!

I will be visiting my wonderful daughter and grand pups towards the end of March. I will be there from March 26 to April 3rd. I am now taking appointments for Feng Shui consultations as well as Tarot readings. Let me know if you are interested in having a consultation done!

Television segments.

Each time I am on television, I upload the short clips to my website. If you are interested in watching these five minute segments, just click on the link and it will take you to my website.

Healthy living!

I went for a long walk the other day in my neighborhood. There is a small elementary school a few blocks from my home. I decided to meander in that direction, to my amazement, I came across a vegetable garden the school cultivates. I was so impressed, what a wonderful way to teach our young people how to eat healthy and live a sustainable lifestyle. The school is surrounded by a green space which allows children to see how important it is to allow nature to thrive amongst the concrete jungle we have created on this planet.

Your recycle tip.

Back in the 80's I bought a compost bin and was very proud of the fact that I recycled my veggie scraps into rich organic soil for my garden. I have started that practice here again in Oregon. I love it that I can recycle so much. Usually, I throw out just one small grocery bag's worth of garbage a week. The more you recycle, less stuff goes into the landfill.

Thinking thoughts...

I feel very fortunate that I can once again enjoy the pleasure of going for a daily walk! It truly is the simple joys in life that bring about the greatest amount of satisfaction. Come rain or shine, I walk everyday. It helps me to sort through my feelings, I have always thought of walking as my daily meditation, it allows me to focus on the present moment, I get great ideas about different types of gardening techniques and I am getting to know my new neighborhood. Oregon is a very health conscious state, on any given day, I see a multitude of people enjoying the outdoors and taking advantage of mass transit, bikes, walking. It helps when the citizens demand a better community and the state government listens. The other thing I am grateful for, while driving, cell phone use is against the law, only hands free devices can be used. This makes for a very pleasant driving experience, not having to deal with so many distracted drivers! 

I am ready for the farmer's market to open!
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Here's a picture of the statement by the school garden, I think the sentiment speaks volumes!
Here's another picture of the school garden. Clever sign!
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