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Welcome to Autumn!

It seems like I have a lot of time on my hands this fall, which is an odd feeling. I finally realized that last year at this time, I started sweetly seeds, which entailed getting a business license, building a website, creating CSA shares, writing a kickstarter and finding seeds for resale. These are all things that had to be done once, so no wonder this year feels so different! 

All this spare time, though, is letting my mind wander and build up the seed exchange and sweetly seeds for next year! I want the seed swap to be bigger and better, and I will get seed exchange stations and racks of Renee's into more locations. I am scouting them already. 

I am planning to have some seeds in some locations in time for Christmas shopping. What gardener doesn't want a Scatter Garden of poppies?! California poppies do so well here in our climate, and they reseed easily. They can be sown in late winter before the snows end. I've had sprouting poppies withstand 17º! They are very hardy! 

So there is lots going on in my mind, and I'll keep you posted with updates. If you have any input, feel free to give it! This has been a community venture since the beginning, and it still is. 

We're into October, the first frost has come (it was light), and colder nighttime temps are on their way. The leaves are changing on the mountains. My currant bush out front will be glowing red very soon!

The garden season is not over! It's time to plant garlic, save seeds, divide perennials, and plant trees and shrubs. 

If you plant garlic while it is still warm out, it will sprout, then freeze, and lose energy for making bulbs. That's why it's best to wait until the soil cools down a bit. Here is a great article about how to plant and store garlic from Mother Earth News.

Spring bulbs say winter wants to hang on, but spring is on its heels! Snowdrops come first followed by crocuses, daffodils, muscari and tulips. There are so many more varieties, too! Why not make those first blooms as creative and unique as possible? Don't stick with the usuals. Find something new this year!

Now is the time to plant your spring flowering bulbs. BHG has a good article with great photos about fall bulb planting

October is the month to redesign your perennial beds, too. If plants are crowded, divide them and replant in new places, or share with your friends! I've gotten a lot of plants from friends this way! Just looking out my window as I write this, I can see I need to divide my true geraniums, some lilies and yarrow. 

Garden centers have sales on plants now, too. You can rework your flower beds, adding new and exciting varieties. Add some shrubs for winter structure and visual interest, too. 

This article from Fine Gardening has a great list of plants and how to divide them.

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