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The OBSERVAL-Net Final Dissemination Conference

The OBSERVAL-Net Final Dissemination Conference was held in Brussels, 15 October 2013. The final event of the project was a space where experts on Validation of non-formal and informal learning (VNIL) shared and discussed ideas to make progress in this field.

After two years building this project, an Advocacy Pack was presented to improve the implementation of VNIL in educational institutions, business and other environments. We invite you to download it from the OBSERVAL-Net webpage.

The new VNIL Community was also launched. Its use and accessibility was discussed by all the participants to the event who expressed their expectations and needs that it would have to fulfil. The VNIL Community was presented as an online platform whose main functions would be to serve as an interactive space for researchers and experts to make progress on the VNIL issues. This platform together with the existing Observatory (a repository with over 120 different documents from 23 countries) comprises the specialised on-line spaces that OBSERVAL-Net offers for the Validation of non-formal and informal learning.
The most expected moment of the conference was the Validation Prize 2013 Award Ceremony, where the finalists of the Case Studies were presented. The Prize has been given to the most promising and innovative initiatives received in the area of VNIL in all sectors of education in Europe. After a heedful evaluation of the Validation Prize Case Studies, the jury of experts selected one winner for each of the three categories.

The winners of the Validation Prize 2013 are:


The 2013 Highlighted Case Studies, from which you will find the three winners, can be downloaded from here.

What’s happening now?

3rd Online Debate

The 3rd Online Debate started 28 October and will last until 14 November. It will be a space to discuss on the motion:

The debate is a space of reflection and discussion, with expert interventions from all over Europe. You can follow the discussion and input from experts, write your opinion and comments and vote for or against the motion in several occasions, depending how convincing the contributors are for you!
To participate in the free OBSERVAL-Net online debate visit http://www.observal-net.eu/content/debates

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