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I know the internet is currently drowning in gift guides, but because I genuinely enjoy the thought process behind gift giving, I wanted to share my personal ethos for dolling out the perfect—and most stylish—gifts this season. To me, a meaningful gift is part of a story, one that doesn’t just signify you listen to the recipient’s most blatant hints, but that you've actually been thinking of them all along. A candle, for example, is a nice gesture (especially if it’s the Le Labo Santal 26), but it doesn’t particularly explain why you got it for them. A candle reminiscent of a place they love, where you have a special memory together, or that provides a personalized ambiance, however, is far more likely to elicit a genuine smile and true appreciation upon unwrapping. And if you can provide that from a cool brand or business they'll love, then you've found the perfect gift.

The Story: They're Still WFH
Help them switch up the monotony of remote work with a luxe upgrade to their daily routine.
UPDATE Chic Geeks MacBook Case, $95 and iPhone Case, $50 
SIP Golde Matcha, $28, Rishi Matcha Essentials, $10-36Ember Mug, $99 
LOUNGE Pangaia Sweatshirt, $150 and Sweatpants, $120, Cuyana Cashmere Sweater, $225 and Joggers, $245, Brother Vellies Socks, $35UGG Boots, $140, Everlane Slippers, $50 
The Story: They Need More Self-Care
Keep their anxiety at bay with gifts that will calm them down whenever they're in use.
RELAX  Skims Robe, $130, 19-69 Eau de Parfum, $188, Kitsch Hair Towel, $23 and Scrunchies, $18
SLEEP Slip Silk Pillowcase, $89, Bearably Weighted Blanket, $249
CHILL Hatch Sunrise Alarm, $130, Hey Dewy Humidifier, $39, KeySmart Sanitizing Tray, $100
The Story: They're Your BFF
Their group chats and Zoom calls and outdoor hangs are the only thing that made this year bearable, so thank them for their friendship with a sweet and simple token of appreciation (because your true gratitude for each other could never be adequately symbolized by a material thing).
ENTERTAIN Let's Fucking Date Card Deck, $25, Usual Wines, From $40
PAMPER Crown Affair Combs, $36-$38 ChillHouse Chill Tips, $16
MOTIVATE Set Active Set, $99, Bala Bangles, $39 
STYLE Sonix Face Mask Chain, $15, Night Silk Face Mask, $42 
The Story: They Quarantined With You
You love them, but need them to get out of the house (or at least the room).
PLAY Wilson Backpack, $89 and Tennis Racket, $199
GROOM Glowbar Membership, $55/monthHumanrace Routine Pack, $100 
COOK Our Place Pan, $145, Serving New York Cookbook 
EXPLORE Annual State Park Pass, $199, Parks Project Hoodie, $78 and Blanket, $120
The Story: You're The Gift
You’ve worked hard for what you needed this year—so don’t wait around for anyone else to give you what you want. 
TREAT leMel Diamond Huggies, $295, Prada Bag, $795, Kelly Wearstler Evocative Style $50, Vehla Sunglasses, $180
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