Before I even knew the fashion industry existed, I wanted to be an interior designer when I grew up. Since I still consider the career a viable option for my second professional life, I was eager to start decorating from scratch upon moving into my studio in New York City. My first apartment, back in Los Angeles, eventually came together over the three years I lived there, but I had begun to dream up a new vision for my space and couldn't wait to bring it to life. Thankfully—and gratefully—I managed to make these 375 square feet feel like a (little) home by the time we were sheltering in place. But with uncertain times ahead of us, a few of my final purchases are on hold for now. I had originally planned to send this newsletter when the finishing touches arrived, but considering we're all bored in the house for the foreseeable future, I figured there was no better time to share a few of my picks—and wishlist items—for dressing up your own living space. 
The "Vision"
To soothe my transition from seaside to skyscrapers, I decided from the start that my apartment decor should center around "natural elements." In my mind, this meant incorporating textures like wood, wicker, marble, and shell, fabrics like linen, jute, and (faux) hides, and trendy elements like pampas grass and cane. Next, I looked for decor trends that were inspiring me—and obviously, Instagram was a start. However, I began to more strongly identify with the style of the vintage boutiques and local storefronts I was falling in love with in NYC (fitting for a fashion girl, no?). These encounters—shared below—pointed me towards 80's Art Deco revival and Italian modernism to juxtapose against all the organic materials I was collecting. I'll need a few final statement pieces to help get that point across, but hopefully, some of these ideas will inspire something new to love in your home, too. 

The "Dining" Area
Everything about my decor began with this Bendt chair—the central piece I picked out long before my move was a reality. I can't believe how long it took me to simply pair the chairs with a coordinating table, but I'm so pleased with how the dining area's combination of retro and modern styles turned out.
CHAIR Scandinavian Designs, $101 TABLE Target, $129 TALL CANDLE H&M, $13 SHORT CANDLE H&M, $10
The "Living" Area
The second central piece of my place is this gorgeous swivel chair that embodies the interior style of my dreams. Nestled amongst light-filtering window dressings and grassy fauna, it has become my favorite nook to curl up in during the longer days of quarantine. 
CHAIR Urban Outfitters, $399 
WISHLIST: PILLOWS Tamar Mogendorff, $140 and $95 OTTOMAN CB2, $229 
MIRROR World Market, $199 BASKET Target, $37 STALK CB2, $10 Get 15% off CB2 here.
CURTAINS H&M, $99 CURTAIN ROD Amazon, $33 BLINDS Bed Bath & Beyond, $35 BASKETS H&M, $30 and $25 
STEMS CB2, $6 STRAW VASE Urban Outfitters, $29 SIMILAR VASE: West Elm, $40
The "Bedroom" Area
For my bed, I gravitated towards linen bedding in a practical hue to fit with my "natural elements" theme. To extend my closet, I created aesthetically-pleasing storage options under my bed and atop my dresser. Lastly, I want to add a small metallic side-table—for the convenience and a statement-making touch.
DUVET SET H&M, $129 THROW PILLOW Target, $19 BLANKET Lemon, $88 
BED FRAME Target, $130 STORAGE Ikea, $50
DRESSER Target, $120 
WISHLIST: SIDE TABLE CB2, $199 CANDLE Hannah Candle, $80 DISCO BALL Amazon, $11
TRAY H&M, $30 SIMILAR SHELL Wayfair, $13 
WISHLIST: LAMP Etsy, $70 LAMPSHADE Target, $10 MIRROR Pier 1, $150
The "Entryway"
Internally, I have endlessly debated options for my entryway, er, the 30-inch wall next to my front door. I finally settled on the idea of an acrylic side table to set the right tone for my style, and to serve as a place to toss my belongings—and hand sanitize—upon entering.
BASKETS Target, $27 and $19 
WISHLIST: TABLE Wayfair, $165 BOWL Target, $26 FIGURE Target, $40 BOOK Tom Ford, $127
FAUX HIDE RUG World Market, $150 JUTE RUG H&M, $35

The inspiration.
I took a page from Brother VelliesAdaptations NY, and Abigail Bell Vintage in Brooklyn, Lunya in Soho, the MOE Assist offices, and the Instagram accounts of Kelly Wearstler, Christie Tyler, and Claude Home, amongst others.

The next edition.
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