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Usually, the start of a new year means I have a pretty clear idea of what’s ahead. I’m not a huge goal-setter, and I’ve never consistently kept a planner, but I’m a big fan of making lists and checking them off. Yet this year, for obvious reasons, it was hard to think of what I even wanted on my 2021 to-do list, let alone what I wanted at the top of it. And since this is a fashion newsletter and not a personal diary (though I apologize for occasionally confusing the two), I should probably note that there's usually a very extensive shopping list involved in my new year intention setting. It typically includes the wardrobe staples I'm missing, an aspirational investment piece I can save up for, and an outfit or two for upcoming events. But rather than shop for the unknown occasions of 2021, I've begun to turn my attention towards the little things, like winter accessories, that will work for both today's dressed-down reality and hopefully, tomorrow's dressier affairs. It's a small start, which may very well be how I approach every step of 2021.

The Oversized Scarf.
After my friend brought up her desire for an obnoxiously-oversized, Mary-Kate-and-Ashley-level scarf, I realized everyone is wearing them right now, and everyone needs one. During a season of outdoor dining in 30 degrees, wearing what is essentially a blanket couldn't be more practical.
ASOS Oversized Scarf, $40
  SUSTAINABLE   NAADAM Fringe Scarf, $375
The Padded Tote.
Equally practical: a weather-proof, carry-everything, padded tote bag to bring everywhere from your workout to your grocery run (I'm desperate to dress up for something, okay?). These ones are a little pricey (but gorgeous!), though there are also plenty of affordable options available.
KASSL EDITIONS Padded Tote, $360
STAND STUDIO Quilted Tote, $350
The Sweater-Around-Your-Shoulders.
It's not as preppy as you think—tying a sweater around your shoulders and over a sweater, coat, or blazer gives you yet another opportunity to layer and add texture and interest to your outfit. You can easily repurpose an old sweater from the back of your closet, too.
  SUSTAINABLE   EVERLANE Alpalca Sweater, $95
HANES Crew Neck Sweatshirt, $17
The Mask Chain.
I'm telling you there is no easier way to elevate your style than to add a mask chain—it can transform even the simplest cotton mask into a little moment. 
SHASHI Paperclip Mask Chain, $48
8 OTHER REASONS Curb Mask Chain, $18  
FLEUR DU MAL Face Mask, $28
The Party Socks.
Stay with me here—my best friend and I had an epiphany while getting ready for New Year's Eve: We needed cute socks! Now that our social lives are limited to our own apartments, no shoes required, it's given socks the opportunity to shine, and us an excuse to stock up on a few fun pairs.
COS Metallic Socks, $5
Thanks for reading, it means the world!
xx @laurenblackk
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