APRIL 10, 2020
Although I was planning on skipping Coachella this year, considering I moved across the country and they could only swing all-male headliners (it's 2020, do better), my daydreaming sensibilities were still excited for festival dressing season to kick off. But instead of a fomo-filled feed, today I'll be tuning in to Coachella's documentary, in the comfort of my favorite vintage band tee rather than the sweltering desert heat. Of course, the shirt got me thinking: Comfy graphic tees are a rather reasonable purchase right now—just as good for sheltering in place as they are for the better days ahead. Until then, consider the below lineup for all your daydreams.

1. The Band Tee.
You can shoot your shot digging for the perfect vintage band tee at your local flea market, or hit up Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Daydreamer LA, or Junk Food for an easy score. Not exactly into throwback bands? Anine Bing's signature tees get the same rocker-chic vibes across, without putting you on the spot to name your favorite album.
ANINE BING Bing Tee, $75
2. The Statement Tee.
Whether you're going for a little humor or straight facts, flaunting a statement tee is a total power move. Just make sure the brand you're wearing is following through with their statements, too.
TALENTLESS Wash Your Hands Tee, $49
KULE 1973 Tee, $128
3. The Sporty Tee.
Now that the lines between fashion and athleisure have fully blurred, athletic-inspired tees should be considered a wardrobe staple. Plus, they'll help you channel that sports club energy while you're working out at home. 
NIKE Swoosh Tee, $30
4. The Personality Tee.
Every now and then, you'll come across a graphic tee that not only speaks to you, but speaks for you. Add a little happiness to your day by wearing your self-identified labels and spirit animals with pride.
BAN.DO Extrovert Tee, $40
URBAN OUTFITTERS Butterfly Tee, $34
5. The Destination Tee.
Until we have the privilege to travel again, stock up on destination tees from your favorite places around the world—if only to lounge in while you daydream about visiting again.
RXMANCE Nassau Tee, $64
PARKS PROJECT Totally Rad Tee, $40

The inspiration.
Not that you need outfit inspo for a t-shirt, but still. 

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