If there's anything we've learned over the past nine (ten?) weeks, it's how important it is to celebrate the little things in life. The flowers on our daily walks. The sight of a familiar face. The comfort of our favorite foods. While there's a lot to be scared of and saddened by right now, a shift in perspective has shown us all how much we have to be grateful for as well. When it's safe to gather again, we'll have even more reason to celebrate our gratitude for life, for love, for achievements, and, ahem, our birthdays. But dressing up for these occasions has always been half the fun for me, so this week, I let myself imagine what I'd be wearing if we had any real plans to look forward to. The trend I gravitated towards isn't entirely irrelevant for the time being, coming in both comfortable fabrics and casual forms. In the spirit of manifesting the return of normalcy, I've decided it couldn't hurt to have a ruched mini dress or blouse on hand. 

The Girls' Night.
For our first night out, or for tonight with Netflix and wine in bed.
ARITZIA Slip Dress, $148
FREE PEOPLE Printed Slip, $62
The Casual Nights.
For tomorrow's meeting for drinks, or for today's FaceTime dates and Zoom happy hours.
STAUD Blossom Crop Top, $137
ARITZIA Verso Camisole, $78
The Day Party.
For tomorrow's rooftop hangs, or for today's feed post.
LIONESS Military Minds Dress, $53
ALEXANDER WANG T-Shirt Dress, $135
The Next Show.
For tomorrow's concerts and festivals, or for today's dancing on our own.
H&M Draped Skirt, $18
RESA Christi Skirt, $124
The Special Occasion.
For tomorrow's weddings and graduations, or for today's backyard version.
AFRM Suki Dress, $83
PIXIE MARKET Plum Dress, $120

The inspiration.
For manifesting better days. 

The next edition.
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