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Reint Jan Holterman

Success with job shop operations – How to increase throughput

Job shop operations involve the conversion of inputs to outputs in environments characterized by low volume orders, custom builds, scarce machines, scarce people and scarce materials.
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What is the Impact of a BPMS on Job Shop Operations?

The keys to success in job shop operations are ability to price work, rapid setup, resource availability, adherence to order specifications including delivery time, quality, accommodation of on-the-fly changes in priority, and overall throughput.
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We have BPM and we still use paper? Really?

According to recent AIIM Report – ‘Winning the Paper Wars’, 74% of companies have business improvement campaigns that would benefit from paperless initiatives, but only 24% of those have a specific policy to ‘drive paper out of business’.
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BPM Scope Creep

Jaisunder Venkat posted a clever blog on scope creep recently which got me thinking. I have been burned by scope creep in the past, so I am very careful to emphasize this issue when quoting/starting any new project.
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Getting Started with BPM

The goal of BPM is to improve efficiency and ultimately improve profits… Before choosing a software vendor, here are some steps that will help you to create a solid requirements document.
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Why does BPM matter?

The Business Process Management Professionals Group posed this question: Why does BPM matter? Why should we practice BPM? Brian Vinson’s response… “Either you’re in control of your business processes or they are in control of you.
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