Volume 2 No. 4                                                May 2015

Where To Write

You've got your topic, outline, pencils sharpened & laptop charged, and now you've come face-to-face with your most important creative decision: Where do you want to write? 

Before you begin the hunt for the closest cafe with decent wifi & quality lattes, consider this: 

Why Coffee Shops May Not Be The Best Idea

While the bustle of Barrista sounds & background chatter may certainly boost the "creative mojo" for some folks, when it comes to sitting down and executing a good story, there's just far too many distractions Jack. 

There's the music volume, cellphones, people bumping your table, and the risk you may not find a table conveniently located near an electrical outlet. 

All in all, the average coffee shop presents a target rich environment of distractions & inspiration killing moments that can turn your creative process into an uphill battle. Instead, why not try these places: 

On A Plane

You're cruising above the earth at 35,000 ft, strapped into a semi-comfortable chair, and have three hours of flight time to get some writing done. Why not take advantage of this contained environment, and turn those miles into pages. 

In A Good Old Fashioned Library

Surrounded by books, and the dusty scent that only stacks of books can provide, the library has become a forgotten oasis of creativity for the modern writer. Give the old school ways a try, as a little peace and quiet will only help your cause. 

In A Car (parked of course) 

Recently (and ironically while searching for a parking space outside my favorite coffee shop...) I drove several blocks away from my intended destination, and parked in a quiet neighborhood nearby-ish.

What I discovered was just how productive one can be while writing inside the "decompression chamber" known as the modern automobile. The quiet inside your car can make it easier to focus, and express your plot twists & dialogue out loud without anyone hearing. 

Inside A Converted Garage

It needn't be snazzy, high-tech, or even comfy, as the most important element of your creative lab is that it be completely separate from your home. The house has TVs, phones, pets, & Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on the door. 

Keeping a writers desk in the garage is an easy way to build your writers shop, minimize distractions and create the ultimate safe haven for story making. 

Since writing is a lifelong journey, a frequent change of scenery will help insure you enjoy the ride.  

-Literary Companion Wordsmith 



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                                                               --Wyatt Earp