Volume 2 No. 8                                                Sept 2015

Listen To A Story...

While driving to work one morning, in a particularly bad stretch of traffic along the 101 freeway, I decided to "update" the software for some of the apps in my Iphone (I had some time to kill). 

Normally, I resist the temptation to update the apps in my phone, as bug "fixes" & "patches" can often lead to a mysteriously slower performing phone, with a host of new digital issues...

Only this time, I was genuinely excited about the updates Spotify had in store for their users. Spotify (an on demand, music listening service) had recently expanded their digital categories to include: 

Video & Audio shows, Podcasts, Audio Books, Short Stories, Learn Chinese, Learn German, even The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
As I explored the new offerings on the Spotify player, I found some quality content and genuinely creative & interesting topics ranging from: a Podcast on what it's like to start a brand new business, to an inspirational TED Talk about a struggling novelist who became a worldwide best seller. 
Considering the rate at which technology is constantly expanding, from: fitness trackers to video Instagramming, it was only a matter of time before content delivery made significant strides within the digital market place. 

But what does this mean for the modern author? Well, it means potential. The potential to discover new and inspirational content, but also an opportunity to create and reach a new audience with the written word. 

To remain relevant in this digital age, the writer must understand the written word is no longer just "written"'s spoken, read, seen, & heard by an audience of millions who are hungry for fresh content, and may not necessarily have the time or desire to browse the stacks of Barnes & Noble. 

So get out there and explore this new territory of streamed creative content. Ideas & inspiration can be found in the strangest of places (including a bit of gridlock traffic on the 101). 

-Literary Companion Wordsmith 



"Nurture your mind with great thoughts.
To believe in the heroic makes heroes." 

--Benjamin Disraeli