“The peer-driven component and ethic of your work is impressive because it emphasizes empowerment...This call to health action in the community of Asian women and men performs a community service by illustrating that the vulnerability many people wish not to display publicly becomes a source of strength and healing.”
--Deborah Delman, The Transformation Center
Happy Holidays from AWFH!
Dear CelebrASIANS Attendees,
        As the year draws to an end, we can definitely count the CelebrASIANS Benefit Fashion Show as one of our peak moments of 2015.  Deborah Delman, the Executive Director of The Transformation Center and first time participant in the show made the above comment about Asian Women for Health and the event.
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New Board Announcement

Selena Tan, a founding member of AWFH, will be stepping down as Vice President after 3+ wonderful years of dedicated service. We are incredibly grateful for her contributions, and wish her the best of luck in new endeavors! Lara Yuan, former Clerk, will be the new Vice President and Riana Jumamil will become the new Clerk for the Board of Directors in 2016. We are also happy to welcome Margaret Anderberg, as our Treasurer, and Jeanette Beltran as our newest Board Members!
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State of Asian Women's Health in MA
4th Annual Conference

May 25th, 2016

Member of the Month
Margaret Anderberg is the newly appointed Treasurer for AWFH, and a long-time volunteer. She is the Founder and Principal of Sukha Living LLC. Her mission is to promote holistic healthy living for the larger population through advocacy and education by offering an integrated wellness program that allows for accessible services in the areas of physical fitness, mental wellness, healthy eating and lifestyle management. Prior to that, Margaret was a Senior Marketing Executive with global experience spanning several major Banks the U.S. and Asia.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
January 6, 2016

All are welcome for coffee, treats, and discussion!
Founded in 2012, Asian Women for Health  (AWFH) is a peer-led, community-based network dedicated to advancing Asian women’s health and wellness through education, advocacy, and support. We envision a world where Asian women are well-informed, have access to care that is culturally appropriate and high quality, and inspired to live happy, healthy lives.

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December 2015
Guest Blogger
Phyllis Kim Myung is a freelance writer, content creator, consultant, and speaker. She focuses on the Asian American and immigrant experience,but mostly from a parenting perspective. See her guest blog post: 
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