Story Games Weekly #63 - The Best in Indie RPG's
Story Games Weekly #63

New Games

The Fate Codex, Issue 7

Learn how to run reality TV shows in Fate, reform the minds of liars and misers, and experience the excitement of semi-pro wrestling in the latest issue of tips, tricks, and adventures for the Fate system.

PDF: $3. Free for Patreon subscribers

Magical Fury

Magical Fury is a dark magical girl RPG, inspired by anime series like Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon, and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Your characters start out as normal girls who discover that they are reincarnated magical girls. A simple variant of the Apocalypse World engine by Ewen Cluwey.

PDF: $4

Monster of the Week (Revised)

Monster of the Week is a standalone action-horror RPG. Hunt high school beasties a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer, travel the country to bring down unnatural creatures like the Winchester brothers of Supernatural, or head up the government investigation like Mulder and Scully.

PDF: $12

Push: New Thinking About Roleplaying

The first and only published volume of a journal by Jonathan Walton, containing awesome articles by Emily Care Boss, Shreyas Sampat, and many others, now available for free.

PDF: Free


Lovecraftesque in Playtesting

Becky Annison and Joshua Fox have a new game in playtesting, a GMless game of creating strange clues and driving the protagonist further and further to despair or insanity.

"The people at the table are what matters"

A short video interview about the games and people of Story Games Seattle.

Run a Game with ConTessa at Gen Con

ConTessa is looking for female-identified GMs to help run games in a Saturday night game event/party/meetup. The deadline's today, so click away!

Another Question

A new gaming podcast from Sage LaTorra and Adam Blinkinsopp. The first episode deals with underrated games.


What do I look for in a playset?

The Other Steve from RPGGeek writes a great article about what makes a a great playset for Fiasco.

Three Words That Will Change Your Game

Dymphna C has three little words to change every game you're in.

Reimagining Disability in Role-Playing Games

Elsa has an amazing article analyzing disability in Changeling, Apocalypse World among other games.


Procedural Fights

I think I promised a long time ago to publish everything that had to deal with software management methodology and RPGs. Continuing in that vein, Rob Donoghue talks about breaking down fights, Kanban style.


Upcoming Iowa Conventions

NewBo Con is a one-day general interest convention on Feb. 7.
Gamicon Omega is in its 24th year, and caters to all sorts of gaming, including Games on Demand. It's on Feb 20-22.


Don't Turn Your Back

A worker placement/deck-builder board game set in a city of Nightmares. Play. Betray. Survive. Build your deck. Escape the city. Based on the excellent roleplaying game Don't Rest Your Head.

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