Story Games Weekly #65 - The Best in Indie RPG's
Story Games Weekly #65

New Games

Elusive Legends: Building Story in Tabletop RPGs

Learn to be a good gamemaster by learning how to be a good writer. Inject great stories into your roleplaying games by taking advantage of decades of fiction writing instruction. See how 22 different writing concepts apply to specific roleplaying games like D&D, Fate Core, Dungeon World, and Hillfolk.

PDF: $2.99

Eagle Eyes

Experience Roman noir firsthand in Eagle Eyes, the latest Fate World of Adventure from Pete Woodworth. Battle cynicism, corruption and murder in the shadow of the Coliseum. Play Eagles, the Senate's private investigators, and use every means at your disposal to get at the truth.

PDF: Pay What You Want

Firefly: Smugglers Guide to the Rim

A supplement for both players and GMs, the book introduces Reputation rules for Crewmembers, 12 new archetypes, the Good Shepherd’s Run, more Chinese translations, more rules, new in game aids, a pair of Episodes, and more!

PDF: $14.99


Call for new Game Chef Coordinator

Game Chef is an annual game design contest (mostly of the RPG variety) that has been running for over a decade and helped many budding designers getting a foot on the ground. Avery Mcdaldno is looking to mentor a new person to organize this. It's an awesome opportunity.

Bundle of Holding: IGDN Edition

A collection of great games from the people at IGDN, includes Psi-punk, Spark, Misspent Youth, and many more.


Playing The Quiet Year

A great article in Kill Screen about the experience of playing The Quiet Year

Sincere Emotions In Play

A great Narrative Control episode on emotional play.

Presentation is Some of the Total

The Tabletop Superhighway podcast talks about how a game’s method of presentation can impact it’s design, and it’s ability to be read and understood by players.


Uncharted Worlds

A Space Opera pen-and-paper game of exploration, combat, politics, and commerce across the stars. A Powered by the Apocalypse hack that's been in development for a long time.

Dead Scare

A tabletop RPG where you play the women and children fending for themselves against zombies and the McCarthy regime in 1950s America. Really excited about Elsa's Powered by the Apocalypse game and all her contributors.

Shadowcraft: The Glamour War

Fate-powered James Bond-level intrigue with Mission: Impossible-style teams working to keep the world's precarious balance in a fantasy setting.


Positive Feedback Round

Elin Dalstål shares a technique for giving feedback about a game in a structured, positive manner.

GM Tools: What We Use

A roundtable about what the GMs of ConTessa use for tools and GM prep.

My Playtest Feedback Process

Rob Heinsoo talks about his playtesting process in regards to the 13th Age Books.

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