Story Games Weekly #64 - The Best in Indie RPG's
Story Games Weekly #64

New Games

Community Radio

Your town has deep secrets, terrifying monsters, unspeakable evils, a clandestine city council making strange decrees...and a public radio station! A fantastic game by Quinn Murphy of dark humor and fast thinking.

PDF: $3

Tales from the Wild Blue Yonder: Magister Lor

Another adventure by John Harper in the Lady Blackbird universe, a tale of twins, demons, power unleashed, and betrayal.

PDF: Free. Supported by John Harper's Patreon.

Lost in the Rain

Lost in the rain is a short roleplaying game of sadness and horror which invites you to take on the role of a child, lost in the great city and hunted by mysterious creatures.

Paperback: $11.70

Only the Food

An adventure written by David Schirduan for Dread about humans reliant on all-powerful AIs in the future.



What's a Freelance RPG Writer Worth?

A great article from Morrus of ENWorld that compiles a lot of information about freelance rates, as well as some advice.

Pie for Everyone, Just Sliced Very Thinly

Wondering why those freelance rates are low? Simon Rogers has a fantastic article on exactly how thin the margins are for a publisher.

Taking Spells to the Next Level

Torchbearer is gearing up for an expansion, and here's a lot of great new and more powerful spells.


Playing Darkest Dungeon, Talking RPGs

Adam Koebel plays through an hour or so of Darkest Dungeon (my favorite new computer game), and talks about dungeon crawling, rpgs, and more while his digitzed adventures get stressed the hell out.

GUMSHOE with a magnifying glass

JC Cubertafon writes about GUMSHOE and his interactions and discoveries about it.

Loops and Arcs

Seth Ben-Ezra talks about how we learn in games, and comes up with some neat concepts.

Final Dungeon World Session

Rob Donoghue's Dungeon World campaign has come to an end, and he has some thoughts and suggestions about the game, based on his experience.


Time Cellist

From Megan Pedersen & Todd Nicholas, in Time Cellist, players take on the role of a plucky group of kids saving the world from the Maestro of Maliciousness, a time traveling super villain bent on taking over the time stream. A game about the frenetic, ensemble cast feel of movies like the Goonies or E.T., or TV shows like Young Justice or Doctor Who.


The Task Resolution Tool

Chris Chinn breaks down concisely what makes for effective task resolution.

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