Story Games Weekly #72 - The Best in Indie RPG's
Story Games Weekly #72

New Games


A new game about time travelling, and solving mysteries, and avoiding paradox.

PDF: $8, Softcover+PDF: $20

The Moon Mage & Tiny Dragons

Stephanie Bryant releases two new hacks, one that pulls Epyllion's Moon Magic into Dungeon World, and another that brings together Epyllion with the Tiny Dragons RPG.

The Enlightened Man

The Enlightened Man is a Renaissance Superhero Setting written by Brian Engard. Italy during the 16th century is a time of new ideas, new technology, heretical science, great masterpieces, reason, and faith. Works with Spark or Fate Core

PDF: Pay What You Want

Autumn Leaves

A short role-playing game for 2 players, using two smartphones, about uncovering the past history of the characters.

Android: here

Threshold: Tragic Superheroes

Threshold: Tragic Superheroes is a game of last chances. What would you do with your last days on Earth if you were given super-powers?

PDF: $3.50


Why Minority Settings in RPGs Matter

Whitney "Strix" Beltrán talks about why minority settings, and why changing the default, matters.

Tabletalk #8 - Interesting Combat

Ben, Grant, and John talk about how to make combat interesting in a wide variety of games.

Game Stories: Why RPGs Need Game Designers

Andy Hauge talks about innovation in RPG mechanics.

Away from Goals in Larp

Jan-Yves Ruzicka talks about goal-driven larps, and what the alternatives are.

What Does This Power Do?

Ron Edwards has thoughts about how to model superheroic powers in rpgs.



Play as a clutch of young drakes who must use the power of friendship to protect their homeland from an ever-growing Darkness. Final days, tons of stretch goals unlocked!

Check out this interview with Marissa over at Contessa

Perilous Journeys

An overland adventure rules supplement for Dungeon World by the same awesome people behind Servants of the Cinder Queen.


The Wanderer's Stash

A collection of great little drawings and items that Kevin Jay Stanton has found.

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