Story Games Weekly #66 - The Best in Indie RPG's
Story Games Weekly #66

New Games

Worlds Without Master, Issue Seven

Campfire tales, giant intelligent spiders, a particularly vindictive emperor, and of course the Worlds Without Master debut of Barbarian Lord!

$3.99 PDF, Free for Patreon subscribers

Hope Inhumanity

Play ordinary people surviving the extraordinary journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape. Fight off hunger, sickness, and other desperate survivors who want what you want: to find a safe destination where hope still lives. A great game exploring the border between card games and roleplaying games.

$20 card deck.


RPG Geek DramaSystem Contest

Come up with Series Pitch for Robin Laws' Hillfolk and win acclaim, little badge things, and DriveThruRPG gift cards in this Pelgrane sponsored contest.

The Analog XP #7

The next issue of the bilingual roleplaying magazine from Brazil has examinations of what space exploration can teach us about gaming communities, and thoughts about game design contests.


Some History of the Indie Games Explosion

A little history by Michael Miller about how the Indie Games Explosion started, and how that community got built.

Actually Managing Willpower Like A Resource

J Li, designer of great games with the Shifting Forest workshop, has some great advice on how to use your willpower effectively.

Roleplaying the Caper

In Analog Game Studies, an analysis of genre emulation in roleplaying games by Felan Parker, using Fiasco as the subject.

Pregnancy, Contraception, & Childbirth in Games

Meguey Baker, Filamena Young, and Wundergeek talk about pregnancy, childbirth, and contraception in games.


Witch: A Dark Fantasy Thing

A tabletop role playing game by Liz C where you play a member of the Fated, a witch or warlock who has sold their soul to a demon for power.

Short Order Heroes Theme Packs

Theme Packs of 6-18 uniquely illustrated cards to add genre-specific flavor to the main Short Order Heroes deck.


A quick, easy, humorous RPG about exploring derelict space ships and getting rich off the loot!

Ewen Cluney's Patreon

Ewen, translator of Maid and Golden Sky Stories, as well as designer of Magical Fury, has started up a Patreon to fund weird little creations.


Clues as Keys, Keys as Clues

Robin Laws talks about some ideas as far as clues and moving the investigation forward in GUMSHOE systems.

Burning Wheel Player's Procedure Guide

Questing Blog has put up a compact player-oriented summary of the Burning Wheel rules.

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