Story Games Weekly #70 - The Best in Indie RPG's
Story Games Weekly #70

New Games

Les Petites Choses Oubliées

A two-player story game (available in English and French) aobut a couple that tried to live happily ever after, didn't, and has an opportunity to erase all their memories and start anew. Inspired by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Print & Postcards (!): ~$25

Stakes for Tabletop Roleplaying

Another great entry in Levi Kornelsen's portfolio: Stakes For Tabletop Roleplaying gives a listing for a variety of actions that characters might undertake in a game, a complex of possible interesting outcomes for those actions, and sample 'perks' for the specialist.

PDF: Pay What You Want


Fantasy Worlds That Break History's Back

A lovely look at Ben Robbins' Microscope in Boing Boing OffWorld

Interview with Strix: Myths, minorities, and feminine horror

Whitney Beltrán talks about her research, mythology, and her upcoming game, Bluebeard's Bride, in this great interview.

Interview with Jason Morningstar about Night Witches

Over at ConTessa, Ariana Ramos interviews Jason Morningstar about Night Witches, his game about the Soviet 588th all-female Night Bomber Regiment

Thoughts about Primetime Adventures

Jules has some great thoughts on the new version of Primetime Adventures, what has held up, and what hasn't.


Support Willow Palecek's Creating Games

Willow, creator of Awesome Adventures, Escape from Tentacle City, and Exploding Kingdoms, is running a Patreon for creating more awesome stuff.

Support A Window Into Vincent Baker's Design

Vincent Baker, creator of Apocalypse World among other games, is cracking open his design process, showing unfinished games and ongoing design notes.


How To Be A Good Player

Jenn Martin, Nicole Winchester, Mo, and Rachel E. S. Walton give you the lowdown on how to play the very best character you can and make the game fun for everyone!

Larp Design for Storymaking

Annika Waern writes a great article about how stories come out of players' minds in LARP.

Campaign Mapping

Jeramy Ware has some quick techniques to build a campaign map full of interesting places, and rich connections.

Tips for Playtesting

Nathan Paoletta, creator of World Wide Wrestling, lays down some best practices for playtesting.

All Hail The Victorious Dead

Judd gives a breakdown of what to do when a player dies in DCC, Apocalypse World, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and more.

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